Warping fields and items

Hi there!

We all know that there are spells to make fields and animals produce more. I would assume that a lot of agricultural covenants use some kind of enhancement to protect their fields. Not all measurtes warp them, but quite a few do.

Both animal and fuield-improving magi tend to warp the targets (level of effect, and constant effect) if applied directly to the target instea dof using indirect magic (like enchanted tools) to exploit them. How animals warp is fairly easy to model, and we already have some examples in the books. However, I am somewhat at a loss about how fields would warp. Does anyone has any experience or ideas here?


Ran into this in a previous saga - we had strange vermin emerge from the soil (worms and such germinate from the earth iirc), we also had strange rocks and minerals produced (the rocks reproduce underground) ... in addition to having the crops warp. Strange flavours in the barley made the strain in high demand for ale and cooking, strange colors of berries and fruit that made them undesiraable at market (they looked weird, ppl didn't want to buy them).

Hope that helps :slight_smile: