Warping from Inscription on the Soul

Hi guys,

I'm looking at "Inscription on the Soul" from Mysteries, and I have a hard time coming up with an answer:

If you turn your body into a talisman, do you get warped from an ongoing magical effect?
If there are spells invested into your talisman-body but you don't use them, are they warping you?
If you invest constant effect powers into your talisman-body, and use them, will they be warping you?

Thanks for your time

If an effect is not on, it won't give you warping. If a constant effect targets you it will produce long term warping. If it targets something else, it will warp that instead. ( Remember that wards will warp the protected entity.)

Numbers inserted for clarity.

  1. No. The initiation changes your True Nature. This one might be contested, but is how I'd play it.
  2. No. Effects that are not active do not cause Warping. As Erik explained.
  3. Yes. If they affect you. As Erik explained. Which is why familiars are so much more awesome than talismans in this edition.