Warping Questions

I seem to recall, from previous editions, a Flaw which started your magus with a Warping Score of 1. I also remember that magi used to gain unusual physical features when their Warping Score went up. But neither of these seem to be in ArM5.

I ask because I had a character concept which began with a maga whose hair changes color by season. And that sounded to me like Warping. But there's no Flaw for that any more. Or is there, in another book? Should I just take Disfigured or something?

There is no longer a Flaw in ArM5 regarding Twilight points.

However, there are still manifestation that come from Twilight -- see "Twilight Scar" on p.89

Ah, thanks for finding that for me.

That covers the physical effect I am going for. Would a 'Minor Flaw: You begin the game with a Warping Score of 1', be reasonable, do you think? Or is that not significant enough for a Flaw.

You have to ask yourself (as well as the SG and troupe): How likely it this to have an effect on the saga?

If you think the saga will last long enough (or is paced fast enough) so that the lifespan of the magus might become an issue, then perhaps it might be worth a minor flaw.

But I've rarely seen that happen. And having a few warping points (a Score of 1 is only 5 points) at the start of the saga has basically very little downside. The magus needs to reach a very high Warping Score before he gats nervous about accumulating warping points. And a Warping Score of 1 is the equivalent of having been under the effects of a longevity ritual for 5 years. Not a big deal at all, IMHO.

Mari Amwithig ( atlas-games.com/pdf_storage/Mari.pdf ) is a canon character starting with Warping Score 1 in Atlas Games' 'living covenant'. While that Warping Score 1 does not itself constitute a Flaw, it forms the base for her Driven Flaw.


Great advice. Thanks guys!

Magi don't get flaws or virtues as it relates to Warping. The only effect is that it brings a magus one step closer to final twilight.
A gauntleted magus with a Warping score of 1 suggests a Twilight experience during apprenticeship.

Grogs, p. 85 has the flaw Warped by Magic, giving your character 5 Warping Points, and thus a Warping Score of 1.

Are you sure she has a Warping Score of 1 as a starting character?
I thought she only had the one for learning Faerie Magic without a faerie Virtue or Flaw, as per ArM5, p. 92

For mundanes, however, having a score of 1 has negative consequences...

So that Flaw gives you another Minor Flaw plus 5 Warping Points. This is what happens to mundanes when they get warped.

AFAICS she is meant to be a starting character. Of course 'allowed starting character' is not defined by RAW, but in each campaign.

She took 1 Warping Point to be able to learn Faerie Magic as a beginning Merinita, and from age 23 on 5 more Warping Points for the 5 years under her vanity longevity potion applied "before she even finished her apprenticeship", hence has the Warping Score 1 with age 28 already.