warping the earth

If I cast a spell on part of a person the whole prson gains warping (assuming sufficient magnitude of the spell). Therefore when I cast a spell on a part of the earth it would stand to reason that the whole will take warping as well, if the spell has sufficient power or duration to cause warping.
So why hasn't the earth reached a high level of warping yet? Even if you divide it into arbitrarily large sections (for easy example Ireland), the effects of the number of aegis there alone should have put it to warping:5 centuries ago.

What makes you think it hasn't warped? Where do you think regios and weird magical forests come from?


Maybe the earth has mundane sections, but considered globally, it can't warp since it actually has non-localized Might? (Gaia, Ymir, etc.)

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(Target part of person -> whole person gains warping) => (Target part of earth -> whole earth gains warping)

I can see the logic behind it, but I don't think it should be valid in this case, or at least, not in the same way, for several different metaphysical reasons.

To avoid entering a weird tangent that in the end amount to personal opinion, I'll put forward my end results without the discussion of the arguments:

  • a mountain on Ireland (for example), affected by magic, is warped, but not the whole of Ireland. This is a fact. Hermetic academics are not sure of the reason why things work this way;
  • at the same time, in a sense this is what a magical aura is: localized warping.
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Continuing with the" it did" line, that is how faerie, infernal and divine arrived. But gettingbto the next level of warping will require such scores that we are unlikely to see a new realm appear.

Also warping caused the realm of reason to disappear.

I figure at minimum it would be a worthy question for hermetic research to pursue, which leads to part 2 of the question- what breakthroughs (if any) do you think could be made looking into the question?

Going by "aura and regios are a manifestation of warping in a region":

  • reliable ways to create or increase auras;
  • reliable ways to create regios.

(While there are guidelines/suggestions for that in RoP:M, it's implied that they are unreliable at best and disastrous at worst.)

Call me pedantic, but doesn't the base individual play a part in this question?

In the Form of Corpus, warping Part of an Individual involves warping the whole of the individual. But not the nearby Individual, even if they are holding hands?

In the Form of Terram, warping Part of a base Individual of dirt causes the Individual quantity of dirt to be warped. But not adjoining Individual quantities of dirt.

OTOH what happens if you warp the finger of a Size +2 giant blooded, but not Mighted Individual?

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Second thought. The Earth as a whole has enough alignment to the Magic realm to be immune to warping?

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I thought that was proven to be hallucinations caused by the warping of just one writer?

FWIW, I'm of team "weird things in ME are due to warping".

But the OP's post raises a question: Would the Aegis warp the earth? Is it even targeted by it?
I would probably say no, but that's debatable.

Still, if the aegis affects those and what it protects, older covenants must have all sort of weird quirks.
I think this is cool, and something that makes Ars Magica more magical. I would love a small "warping" booklet with all kind of suggestions for warping on buildings, things...

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The elemental forms are a bit fuzzy with regards to Individual, Part and Group. For example, an amount of dry sand is definitely a collection of individuals, yet Part will affect part of a sand dune and you don't need Group to pick up a discrete pile of sand. The same goes for water, air and fire, things get very metaphorical (a current, a breeze) very quickly.

Elemental connections by their nature are weak as a result. Elemental things are infinitely sub-divisible without altering their nature BY their very nature, and they are infinitely aggregable* as well, you can always add water to an ocean to get more ocean.

Furthermore, arcane connections from a location are not arcane connections to "The Earth", further highlighting the separate nature of elemental stuff. A toenail is an AC to a whole person, a rock from a hill is an AC only to that hill, not the rest of the world.

"The Earth", magically speaking, may not be a valid target for Hermetic Magic. Parts of it are unbounded (like the oceans) and it may be a Hermetic Limit akin to the Lunar Sphere, no one has attempted to affect the entire world at once so that limit would not have been discovered. If so, you can't warp "The Earth" any more than you could affect the Moon or Sun or Stars.

Alternatively, the dirt we all stand on might not be "The Earth" per se, just stuff sitting atop the fundament of the real Earth. It's hard to say.

Personally, any magic meant to affect "The Earth" should have all 4 elements as a requisite, as the Earth is a collection of the 4 sub-lunar spheres. Hermetic magic may be unable to affect ANY of the spheres as a whole, any more than it can the Lunar Sphere; again, an undiscovered limit because no one has tried?

*I wish I had more opportunity to use the word aggregable.


You've just made me realise experimenting with other elemental forms could probably yield breakthrough points towards getting rid of the pesky +1 part for Terram.

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