Warping with a pattern - Intellego


Our troupe plays in a convenant that has a magic aura aligned with the art Intellego, as per the rules in RoP:M.

It's aura is strong enough to warp its mundane inhabitants, and it occured to me their warping should reflect the alignment with Intellego.
For the supernatural magic virtue at Warping 5, I'm considering "Magic Sensitivity".
But when i browsed the flaws, none of them seemed to really fit in.

Would you have any suggestions in this regard? I need a flaw for Warping 1 and another for Warping 3.

As you are using RoP:M, may I suggest Warped Senses and use the Sensitive variant? The Intellego aura has sharpened people's senses so much they are easily overwhelmed by strong sensations. This can be used more than once (they give sight, hearing, taste and smell examples) so the covenant will have curtains filtering out strong daylight, straw places on all the floors to muffle sounds, and the food served is bland as any seasoning overpowers the poor grogs. It would be like The House of Usher from the Edgar Allen Poe story.

From the main book - the personality flaw Obsessed may work, if people become obsessed with particular pursuits once their minds have affected by Intellego? Perhaps everyone becomes a chess fanatic, or focuses on their work so intently they ignore everyone else? You could have the personality flaw Delusion (thinks they are a genius) and everyone is convinced of their colossal intellectual power.

Grogs can't normally have Story flaws, but you could make an exception, and give Visions as a flaw...all the covenfolk old enough get strange dreams, and every now and then there will be a mass outbreak of shared visions terrifying the covenfolk and forcing the magi to action.


darkwing has some great suggestions. I'd add Poor Eyesight, for irony (perhaps their eyes start to burn out from the sensory overload), they eventually go Blind (when a first Major flaw is gained, perhaps due to an LR). In a Saga I am part of, the powerful aura inflicts Monstrous Blood, of an equine variety :smiley: ; in yours, animal ears or noses may be developed.

Perhaps they all become Carefree or Slothful, due to all the sensory input, or develop a Compulsion for cleanliness or wearing makeup, to hide their now so very obvious physical imperfections. Or Depressed, because they can't hide these physical imperfections and they weigh heavily. Or Nocturnal, to avoid the revealing light of the sun.

Perhaps they become Careless with Awareness, as they become over reliant on the magnified senses within the aura. Or they develop extremely vivid Flashbacks, or Hallucinations.

Just a few, there are many more across the books that you may find appropriate.

don't forget things like nightmares or flashbacks- sometimes you don't want to know something...

Thank you very much. You gave me some pretty good ideas here.
I didn't consider to have a look in "Grogs" but it proved to be a perfect source of flaws.
I'll be going with:
Warping 1: Hallucinations
Warping 3: Visions (so they will have trouble sorting mere hallucinations from genuine visions)
Warping 5: Premonitions

Thanks again

Also note that Magical Sensitivity is (arguably) a Major virtue with its own built-in flaw, which pulls it down to Minor, as it functionally IS Intelligo Vim with a Difficult ability. Personally, I'd let it be taken by itself, with that in mind. (As the flaw is bad enough that I don't know of any PC that voluntarily takes it.)

The penalty to magic resistance from Magic Sensitivity only really matters if you have magic resistance in the first case - it's a problem for magi, but not that much so for mundane covenfolk.

Oversensitive: Imprecise Language


Iol It would be funny to have a Warping Flaw be Oversensitive: Imperfect Latin, such that even people who didn't know a word of Latin could have the Flaw and be totally set on edge.