Waster of Vis and Significatos

I'm curious how Waster of Vis and Significatos are meant to interact. Significatos effectiveness are based on the number of pawns of vis that they can substitute for so the question is does this mean the limitations on vis study that the flaw creates come into play? Does a character that is a Waster of Vis need to study more powerful creatures/sites? Or is this just a rule of thumb meant to translate the wide variety of possible Significatos into existing rules?

It seems to me that someone with Waster of Vis could learn from a significato at no penalty. Waster of Vis's description starts with off with "When you use raw vis"; basking in the mysticalness of a magical phenomenon isn't using raw vis IMO (that description is just used to calibrate the amount of XP you'll earn). An additional nice thing about this interpretation is that it can really drive stories, as that vis waster proactively looks for significatos, which are more valuable to her than most magi who can settle for studying from vis.