Watch this Topic Link Issues

Hi all,

We have had reports that the link to "watch this topic" is sporatically not sending emails when people post to the topic. We think that it might have something to do with the connections from the board to the email service. Unfortunately, this is not something that is easily tracked and fixed. So... here is the work around, Use the new RSS mod instead to keep track of a topic. In fact, you can use it to "watch" entire forums for new topics. You can add RSS by clicking on the little RSS graphic in the lower left hand corner of the page.

That being said, fixing the "watch this topic" link is not high on the list of things to get down. But we would still like any information that people might want to add from what they have seen. If you can tell me a type of post that regularly doesn't work with it or any other repeatable data that would be great. Also, while I have looked on the support forums I haven't found any fixes for this issue. So if you know of a fix, please let me know. Thanks.

-Wendy the webmaster

Another bump as people are not getting this. I have edited many posts over the past month.