Ways the campaign nearly ended...

OK, so I was wondering if it is just the Cheltenham roleplayers who come up with this kind of stuff.

Our current ars campaign nearly ended last night. Had we not bribed the witness the campaign would have ended with the line
"You are denounced by Princess the pig."

(It should be pointed out that in another campaign the line "you're on buddha release control" nearly did the same.)

Just us? :confused:


Being denounced and being convincted are 2 different things. As are being convicted and ending the campaign. We have had to relocate once in our Ars sagas due to diplomatic blunders, and take extreme mesure a pair of times more, but it has been FUN doing so. In one of the cases it ended in misery for everybody in the saga, but it was nice as a downfall dramatic end anyway. being beaten and being defeated are 2 different things :slight_smile:

So yes, it has happened, but we go for high drama in those cases and try to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. :smiley:


Still, we were lucky that we were blackmailed by the pig rather than denounced by the pig. That pig's testimony could have landed us in a little bit of trouble if people had discovered the archmage was killed by one of our shield grogs with a verditius crossbow. We could claim the grog was misusing covenant resources, but they might have marched us anyway.

Still, compared to the redcap becoming the bishop of Durham, the former head of our covenant stealing the Holy Grail and attempting to destroy Constantinople, and the King wanting to retire to our covenant, this would only have been slightly more ludicrous.

Sounds like fun :laughing:

King Richard the Lionheart faking his own death and trying to retire to our covenant is admittedly slightly less ridiculous than the pig...
Did we mention he's a Jerbiton?

I would have thought Flambeau, but Jerbition works too. :slight_smile:

The events which led to this situation (though not the murder, which was unexpected) and the pig, which is actually called "Empress" are described in my Ars adventure "Love Labours Lost: or Kicking Archmagus Darius Up the Arse" which I hope will feature in the next issue of Sub Rosa. It is a tale suitable for most (?) sagas that features what the grogs get up to while the magi are at Tribunal :slight_smile:

cj x

Murder? What murder? All I saw was a warning shot that ended badly due to the archmage having no defense appropriate!
OK... The second one was to cover up the first, but the grogs only know of two defenses under the code:
Flambeau defense - leave no one alive to tell the tale.
Tytalus defense - if you cause enough havoc and its funny enough the tytalus will vote for you.


I was not expecting to be blackmailed by a pig. Although Julia will be looking forward to the Bacon once we get the critter back home.

We haven't got away with it yet

It's true, we will vote for you.