Website gone wonky

Dear Atlas staff,

Earlier today I attempted to go to instead.

If you stop the page loading (you need to be fast there, I needed 3 attempts to get it) you can read the following text in your first link:

So it seems that they took it down.

We just renamed things recently, so the long link points to the most recent edition. You can find the older books at

Sorry about that!

I've noticed from

that I can't get into the forums first, and that I have to first click on the ars magica banner on the left, then I can enter the forums directly.

Please see this thread for the latest on the forums status:


That is not the issue. The issue is that the link "Official Forums" on the page to the forums does not work. It still does not work months later. I think it's an html issue, not a forum issue.


That is not the issue. The issue is that the link "Official Forums" on the page to the forums does not work. It still does not work months later. I think it's an html issue, not a forum issue.

Hmmm. It's working fine for me. Please tell me exactly how it "doesn't work" for you ... what happens instead of going to the forums? Also, I need your OS and browser versions, please, so I can try to reproduce it.

I actually noticed this behavior myself. It's as if there are two links in the same position, and either one can trigger when clicking. Sometimes I get the forum, other times it reloads the page.

Also, the logo in the forum just reloads the main forum page, not the page.

I've gotten more than one complaint about the forum link, so I'm taking it seriously now even though I've tried several times to reproduce it and can't. It confounds me, though, since it's just a plain old "a href" link. Maybe because it's redirecting to a subdomain? Weird. The only thing I can think to do is to create a redirect somewhere like, and send the link there. It'll make the jump slower, though.

Here's that code, in case anybody has a clue why it should be a problem ...


<a href="index.php"><img src="images/agtop.gif" border="0"></a>

<font class="bannertext"><a href="productinfo.php">Product Info</a> &bull; <a href="">Official Forums</a> &bull; <a href="contact.php">Contact Atlas</a> &bull; <a href="retailer.php">Retailer Support</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;</font>

Okay, I'm redirecting the front page banner link to the forums through a forward at now. Try it and see if that solves it. I still think it's weird, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

There's definitely something messed up with the banner on the main page. Atlas Games logo doesn't link /index.php. Hovering over the brown part of the banner containing the links to other items, directly under Atlas Games shows that the brown part is the link to /index.php. On the Ars Magica 5th Edition page, it's working correctly the Atlas Games logo links back to /index.php.

Wow, fixing the link from the Atlas logo on the forums took WAY more effort than it should have. It should be directing to the main Atlas Games site now ... if not refresh/clear your cache. Enjoy!

That did it! HTML debugging is not fun.

For the link to the forums from the front page ... I don't know what to tell you. The code was EXACTLY THE SAME on the front page and on the ArM5 page until I changed the front page just now. We literally used the same template for both, and before today haven't changed anything in YEARS. It's a standard "a href" link ... there's nothing complicated about it. The only difference between them is that the front page is on a subdomain controlled by Blogger, while the ArM5 page is manually updated on our server by us.

At this point I'm thinking that it's your browser that did some update that broke things for you ... it sounds like maybe it's not reading the CSS correctly. Care to share what you're using and which version? The other complaint I got about it was a Chrome user, incidentally.

It might be a Chrome issue. I'm using Chrome, and I notice it is wanting to restart to complete an update, so that is a possibility.

FWIW, I did clear the cache and loading the main page from a blank tab before indicating I observed the same problem. It's very odd.

RE: Chrome balking at the link to the forums on the main Atlas Games site, please see this thread: