Weekend Forum Trouble

Sorry for the trouble with the forums over the weekend. It turns out it was due to database corruption, which we were able to repair. We didn't need to use our backups, so we shouldn't have lost anything. Thanks to everyone who emailed/PMed to let us know about it!

Quick question - a few new players are not getting the responses to the sign-up / registration process over the last week. I wasn't sure if it was them, but 3 of 3 haven't seen the confirmation emails, so I'm suss that it might be a forum issue.

What do you need to diagnose further?

Given the Nephews and Bankses are away at Origins, I'll try and help as best I can by noting that until they try and post I can't approve the account - It's an anti-spam thing more than anything else.

PS. There are, at present, no posts awaiting approval if that helps.

Its not posts which are being held, it is the email confirmation sent after an attempt to Register on the forums.

Are you saying that they can try to post without logging in?
Or should they try to login regardless of not getting the email confirmation?

If you post the usernames in question here (or email them to me, if you prefer), I can manually active those users. I'm not sure which of the inactive recent sign-ups are yours. Thanks!

Fantastic Jeff, thank you.

  • user Caladryan
  • user Falconrider44
  • and another he thinks he used antony but isn't sure, with address antony AT antonywatson DOT com


And another which might need unblocking, GMArs.

Replied in email — thanks!

Sorry for the trouble…

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