Welcome to GTUK 2011!

Grand Tribunal UK 2011 takes place under the wings of Consternation II, at Murray Edwards College (aka New Hall College), Cambridge, August 19th-21st 2011.
Membership of Consternation II provides membership of GTUK 2011 (and vice versa).

More details on the Convention web-site... membership is currently £17 (non-gamers £1); accommodation details will follow when we have final details from the College. As per the Convention page, you can join by printing form in the PDF flyer and posting it with a cheque to the Membership secretary.

We do have a PayPal account, and we can accept payment from abroad via PayPal ... but we don't have a proper "shopping-basket" set up yet...

E-mail membership@consternation.org for details if you need to use PayPal.

ah... it was fun last year - now we have handed back to CJ, for GTUK 2012 in Cheltenham!

See CJ's posts for details.