Welcome to GTUK 2012!

I would just like to cordially invite you all to Grand Tribunal 2012, that will take place in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England on the 17th to the 19th August 2012. The price for the event is £15, though you will have to arrange your own accommodation -- though we are always happy to help you find something, and to advise on that or anything else.

We especially welcome international delegates as always, and are always delighted to welcome newcomers. We like to think no one goes without playing a game or three, and having a good time, but those who have come in the past are the best judges of that. These are difficult economic times, and are tradition of offering a great gaming experience for as little as we can mange continues. You should be bale to stay two nights sharing a travel lodge room for about 40 euros if you book soon, and we even provide some buffet food. Britain is not very expensive!

For us Brits, the format is much as always, and we really want you to bring newcomers. For every three paying delegates, if you bring a fourth with you we will give them a free ticket - the same applies to international customers. SO long as you book together, that is -- because we really want you to bring gaming friends along, even those who don't play Ars Magica at the moment.

This year is especially dedicated to encourage new folks to try Ars MAgica, and enjoy a great weekend with us in Cheltenham,ENgland.

If you would like to come, drop me a pm, or an email to chrisjensenromer@hotmail.com, or paypal me £15. We will only have 50 spaces this year, so don't leave it too late, and the price will go up. Book now! :smiley:

The website is at gt12.ekkaia.org/page/About


cj x