Well gang...

I suspect that something unfortunate has befallen Liam, else I cannot see any reason why he would not have had the decency to say anything to us about this saga.

I PM'd Michelle a couple weeks back and asked if she might email him to find out if he was ok. She never got a response.

So we are left with the question as to whether someone might step in to replace Liam (if this is a module-type saga that can be obtained as opposed to just his own idea) or perhaps replace this saga with a similar Hibernian-based saga.

I personally wish to play such a wilderness-oriented game (preferably away from the Rhine Tribunal) so either Hibernia or perhaps Novgorod?

Fixer, would you be inclined to lead this group or open a new call for players?

Novgorod would be great.

I would have done it if I had more time and a clearer mind. I fear that if I tried now, I wouldn't be up to the task :frowning:

Maybe if we played like they do in the Loch Caillte saga it wouldnt be so much of a burden for you.

Everyone pitching in to help move the story along with good descriptive posts would definitely make it more a troupe than a GM run game.

Well maybe when youre feeling better.

Don't know how they play, but a more troupe-oriented style play could be great.

Take time to read their threads. They have a great saga and some really fun and well played characters.

Hum... Well... Here's the problem :wink:
Multitasking, do you remember? :wink:

Yes how would I ever forget? :wink:

Shame this had to die before it ever got off the ground though. :frowning:

'Tis a shame the fair segment in Lough Caillte has pretty much come to a close; The two covenants are practically neighbors - about 7 days travel away, give or take. Otherwise, I'd invite your characters to come over and visit.

(SG of Lough Caillte/Lost Lake)

Yes Steve Fixer and I even discussed that interesting possibility of inter-saga exchange if this covenant had ever gotten off the ground. It would have been interesting to pop into one another's stories with visits or overlapping quests (not always friendly perhaps where vis source hunting or tribunal votes are concerned eh?).

Your Corvus and Mab might have even taken well to the character I had designed for this. Oh well...