What Ability covers Chess?

There's various ways to play it, but what Ability would you use? I don't think it'd be Carouse, but that is the closest to an ability that covers a game. Would it be Philospiae? Maybe Artes Liberales?

Artes Liberales.

It's a logical thought based game, as such it's covered under logic.

That makes really good sense. "Carouse" isn't directed at that sort of "game" - simple gambling perhaps, maybe cards, but not chess.

I'd say it's not included under "logic" as a specialty of AL - maybe - but "chess" could be the specialty. (Popular among Tremere?)

The AM skills are too grainy (and experience too valuable!) to have one skill dedicated solely to chess. Altho', if one had a mind to, they could take a skill something like Craft:Games (Specialty: Chess).

IOS : intrigue, because some other players had read that in HOH TL... but i've never checked because i'm not in chess play...


Brawl, to poke someone's eye out with a bishop. :wink:


I think it's an Int + Etiquette roll, since chess in this period is probably played only by the upper classes. There is no Tactics or Strategy skill, or I'd choose that, on the theory that chess is a kind of battlefield.

considers more

Maybe I'd allow different characters to base their chess game on different skills! One character might know the game from playing against courtiers and cardinals, and use Etiquette. Another might be a scholar with no time for such things, but base his game on rigorous logic, and use AL. Another might be a knight whose tactical brilliance in the field translates to the chessboard. Another might use House Tremere Lore. I'd probably want to be sure that the character's background suggested he'd have played.



Probably a good solution.

Leadership then i presume?

Covering it with house lore sounds a bit farfetched, but not too far... Maybe allow it if "chess" is taken as specialty?

Totally agreed to allow it under Etiquette. I wouldnt say its only played by the bigwigs, but i would say that some ability with it or similar is expected by the upper classes.

Probably would NOT be a good idea, as it sets precedence to say anything that is strategy or tactics to fall under such skills. Like trading strategy or bargaining tactics...

Crafting and playing isnt exactly the same thing. I would much rather make it "Profession: Gaming" with specialty in Chess.

Actually, this is really a good one for chess: a large part of leadership is the ability to coordinate effectively those forces under your command (whether swordsmen or lab assistants) and this is the essence of Chess.

An alternative, if one chooses to go the route of different abilities, is to have certain combinations giving bonuses/penalties against others, in the spirit of the Debate rules of HoH:S. For example, Int + Artes Liberales may have a +3 bonus against Int + Etiquette (logic defeats knowledge of game rules); Int + Leadership a +3 bonus against Int + Artes Liberales ("heart" defeats cold logic); Int + Etiquette a +3 bonus vs. Int + Leadership (knowledge defeats blind courage).

I would allow all the solutions above. IMS players play chess, but nobody has a specific skill for it AFAIK. If you want to be a chess master, just take chess as an ability and multiplyu the skill level by 3 or 5 to have a guy that truly beats the crap out of anyone that challenges him. However, the etiquette and intrigue rolls will need to be a separate roll then, since beating down the king of france with ease might not be the best course of action :wink:


HoH:TL p 137 mentions Chess in the context of Tremere but no specific Ability is listed.



A good question that I'd also like an answer to. Lots of good suggestions here. House Tremere Lore was mentioned, but I find myself thinking: "nobody has ever taken a house lore ability in any of my sagas"...All such things were covered by Organization Lore OoH (House speciality) or Cult Lore for Mystery Cults. No Societates or True Lineage House magus has ever taken such an ability in my sagas. And perhaps this is a mistake. House Lore covers much more detail than Org. Lore OoH, it covers all the house secrets.

As a player of a Tremere, I found I lacked the ability to play tremere chess, and took it as an ability. Consequently I suck at it, and miss those exp in other places, due to the lack of point in total (or perhaps just the percieved lack thereof). But now I can cover this skill with Tremere Lore, and get all those other things on the side - traditions, personalities, history, secrets of the house. And then I'll take a different speciality with my Org. Lore OoH.

That's either on your players, and/or on you for not explaining its importance and improvement over OoH Lore.

My characters often take House Lore (depending what House).

Around here we are trying to REDUCE the ammount of abilities a character has, so house lores have never been used as well. In fact, OoH Lore includes all legal knowledge about the order's law for us... It is not a problem at all, just a different approach.



There should be perhaps 30 in the game.



Hardly the same. It is based on the same kind of thinking yes, but the application is so different that its not in the same universe.
That however doesnt mean i disagree with using Leadership for it.

Hmm, i think i would prefer not.

Pretty much always here, at least a minimal score. Those who dont gets to have fun by being forced to run around asking a lot of inane questions of their elders. Not exactly good for their social status within the order or their house.