What about the "Vanilla Covenants Project"?

What about the "Vanilla Covenants Project" or rather the "Tome of Covenants: Introductory Covenants for New Troupes"?

:question: What is it about? See :arrow_right: here

Reminder: the project is now to make a free of charge downloadable .pdf file gathering all individual contributions dispatched on the web.

This is a summary of what has been done and a call to potential other contributors…

What has been done yet

1[sup]st[/sup] Cov: Timothy Ferguson’s Covenant of Sabrina’s Rest :arrow_right: here
=> Tim’s post: Vanilla covenant project complete :arrow_right: here
=> but he didn’t make the 3 elder magi:
==> Fidelius of Bonisagus: being done by ironboundtome (to be completed) :arrow_right: here
==> Antigone of Criamon: done by The Fixer :arrow_right: here
==> Asteria of Verditius: to be done (no news from br1ck, :bulb: so maybe being done by Doogy?)

What has still to be done

2[sup]nd[/sup] Cov: Xavi’s Covenant of Iustus Foedere :arrow_right: here
=> being done by Xavi. No publication since December. Maybe he needs some help? ( :bulb: the site is a blog: simply add comments to contribute)
3[sup]rd[/sup] Cov: Arthur’s Covenant of Wiggon’s Kiln :arrow_right: here
=> being done by Arthur. A magus done in February. Maybe he needs some help? ( :bulb: the site is a wiki: ask him for a login to edit/contribute)
4[sup]th[/sup] Cov: maybe by ironboundtome?
About the whole .pdf: ironboundtome thinks that "there might need to be some editorial changes to the tense and style of the introduction material at the start of the chapters to make it more suitable for a book rather than a forum". Work is in progress…

You may view at the .pdf (still a Work in Progress) :arrow_right: here to make your own idea about the project (Beware: large zipped file (32MB) — All previous links shall be deleted).

Thanks for contributing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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thank you

I wasn't working on a Verditius, but I do have a magus stat'd out that I need to put into metacreator.


@Ben McFarland: Hi.
So I suppose you're br1ck?
Which magus have you been doing Ben?
The Bonisagus is being developed by ironboundtome on his blog, the Criamon already done by The Fixer, so what about yours?
If there are duplicate magi, we may still integrate both versions of them into the .pdf, just mentioning they are alternative choices for the storyguide/troupe… :wink:

I was actually doing a Tytalus. I may have missed the post about picking houses, I entered the fray from Timothy's blog.


Concerning the Magi from the Covenant of Sabrina's Rest:
Apart the 3 magi already mentioned, there are two vanished magi, but they are a Mercere and a Flambeau :question:

Concerning the Magi from the Covenant of Iustus Foedere:
I think magi's houses are not yet mentioned. :question:

Concerning the Magi from the Covenant of Wiggon's Kiln:

Your magus should certainly be accepted in one of these covenants!!!

@Ben: I invite you to have a glance at the .pdf mentioned in a former post (somewhere upside…) Maybe You might propose your Tytalus to Xavi here.

No, the 3 magi of Iusto Foedere are not defined yet. Only thing is that:

  • They are seekers. At least one of them is interested in runic magic.
  • One of them recently banished while exploring an underground river.
  • they are able (and willing) toc reate magic items for exploration.
  • IIRC I defined somewhere (or had the idea) of them not being combat monsters, but have them rely more in Rego and Vim magics, along with some Intellego. Quiet structured explorers more than bludgeon crypt slayers. The most active one seems to have disappeared after all.

Iusto Foedere has been on hiatus due to other projects 8and real life) creeping in. I still have several stuff to complete (SR stuff, SR review, other RPG, real world Ars campaign) before I can truly retake it, so would be more than happy to have other people contribute stuff on it. Th basics are set, and I have a fairly strong idea on how I want to design the library (around tractatus and mundane lore, not summae since the investigations of the magi are not mainstream), but the rest is open for others to plunge in if they want to. The area is the border between Wales and the palatinate of Chester, so plenty of adventure to be had if you want to and can admit both wilderness (plenty of forests, ravines and the Snowdonia mountains) and mundane stuff (Chester, Wrexham, Watling street) since this was the designed focus: a place where you could play ANY official vanilla adventures, which require both wilderness areas and settled areas to be near the covenant, with the potential of warfare coming along. I did chose the welsh border for that.


Thank you Xavi.

I'm sure we will find contributors who might pursuit the development of all the 2(3?) covenants that are not yet completed.
This thread is intended to have them to present themselves and to leave them to express their own creativity beginning there you leaved un-ended your creations.

Thank all for your (fore-coming) contributions :wink:

Very close to finishing the Magus for Tim's covenant, apologies for the slow going.

Indeed. My plan for Wiggon's Kiln was land still is) to have the basic covenant to have only two main magi, for use as the covenant for a new troupe. Then, to also make it useful as an ally or enemy for troupes who want to create their own covenant, additional magi wilI be described as optional members to flesh it out for those roles.

In short, I am more than willing to integrate magi created by other contributors under this scheme. :slight_smile:

Finally finished Fidelus' stats and such - ironboundtome.wordpress.com/2014 ... bonisagus/

Thank you ironboundtome. Fidelus has been added to the "Tome of Covenants" .pdf file.
Portraits of the three elder magi from Covenant of Sabrina's Rest have also been added.
Covenant of Sabrina's Rest chapter is nearly complete. Stats for Asteria of Criamon are still missing, but being done by Doogy.
Maps have not been yet map-keyed.

You still may view at the .pdf (still a Work in Progress) :arrow_right: here to make your own idea about the project [Beware: huge zipped file (36.7MB)]

Thanks for contributing gentlemen (and ladies too)!

Humbly I've made an attempt to alter the material in the Introduction (p7 of the pdf) to read a little more as an introduction (link).
Hoping to look at the rest of the material soon, and perhaps draft my own.

Adapted introduction adopted.
I am looking forward to your own material for the Tome of Covenants

Finally, the community was wrong: a covenant book concept like Mistridge (3rd Edition) or Triamore: the covenant at Lucien’s folly (4th Edition) for the 5th Edition of AM was planned at Atlas Games. They called it Through the Aegis: developed covenants. See discussion on this thread: [url=https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/through-the-aegis-developed-covenants/9524/1]

So is the fan made vanilla covenant project dead? Sure it is. Actually, the most part of the project contributors had have already abandoned it for months. The only one who have led his project to its end was (well known official line contributor) Timothy Ferguson. And as the new book is for march 2015 release, I do not ever hope other contributors would have in mind to finish their own part of the project.

So what now? Well, maybe we can still propose Tim’s work (with his approval) to Project: Redcap (what was in my mind from the beginning) as it stands: a vanilla covenant example for rooky players.

What to do in the future? As Doogy has dismissed from making maga Asteria of Verditius’ missing profile, we still need someone to write it up. You may propose yourself in this very posting thread, you’ll be welcome! (please will you read first Asteria's concept – page 17 – and Storyguide’s notes – page 10 – in the Tome of Covenants available at this address).