What do Ars mean?

This might be a stupid question but what exactly do Ars mean. Do it mean art in Latin. Sorry for posting a bit silly question.

Yes! If I am right Ars Magica is a latin term for "Art of Magic", so Ars means Art.

Have a good game!

It is indeed not a magical behind 8)
Although trading a cow for magic beans might have a similar effect.

From http://arts.cuhk.edu.hk/Lexis/Latin/:

Ars is the singular of "art" or "the art," and artes is the plural, so artes liberales is "the liberal arts," ars notoria is "the notorious art," and ars goetia is "the howling art." Ars Magica literally means "the magical art," though it is often translated as "the art of magic," perhaps to give more appropriate emphasis to the word "art."

The proper pronounciation is something like "Arse mah-Geek-uh," but I usually say "Arrs Maj-ick-a" because it sounds a bit better at gaming conventions. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information pepole. Very nice of you.