What do the blind see..

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I'm a bit unsure as to what do the blind see if they use "Prying Eyes" p.144

Do they see the room? Do they see darness as they are blind?

Basically, can the blind make use of InIm to see?


Yes, and no at the same time.

They can receive the information in a form they can recognise. So it'll probably 'look' like echo patterns, textures, smells, etc. The visual species have no means to be interpreted (remember, it's the eyes that do that, the brain isn't for that role :wink: ) and as a result it must be filtered through any available processors. Can you taste red?

I've toyed with having multiple intellego stuff being active to get a sense of what is in the room but it is quite a list of effect.

Then I got to the species section of HoH:S p.65 (again) and here is what I got:

MuIm 13 - Touch | Mom | Touch | - Eye of the Grey, Major Obj - 3rd effect
This effect transforms the iconic species (visible to the eye) as they reach the body, into species that the sense of touch can perceive. Effectively, those under this effect can touch their environment allowing them to see it. This can be overwhelming as iconic species are omnipresent but can be managed by covering one’s self and exposing only the skin that is required to see what needs to be seen.
(Touch +1 | Mom +0 | Touch +1 | Base 2 (Spells that transform the species that trigger one sense into those that trigger another), +10 unlimited times a day, +3 linked trigger)

Would this allow the blind to see? If I got it right, what could they see? To add flavor to the text...


The Truth.

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But not as helpfull as one could hope for...


I think that the best way to handle such issues is: If a magical effect gives a character a supernatural sense, then it does.

Lack of a mundane sense that replicates the supernatural one is irrelevant. Neither a normally sighted person nor a blind person can see through walls. Prying Eyes allows the character to do so. How does it work? Magic.

Otherwise you get lost in recursion. "I cast Prying Eyes. Oh wait, that doesn't work because I don't have a sense of sight that works through walls. I'll cast a spell that gives me a supernatural sense to see through a wall. I cast Prying Eyes. GOTO LINE 10 ..."

In character, of course, a blind person might have a different reaction to the effect of Prying Eyes than a sighted person. The blind person might be confused, overawed, etc (depends on the context). But that's best handled as a roleplaying opportunity, not something that needs rules etc.