What do we want from this saga?

Flambeau rolls initiative. Tremere says "Rego!" Tytalus spends a Confidence Point on his Carouse check.
The tavernkeeper says, "Let me guess. You want three grogs?"

That was hilarious!

tips cap :slight_smile:

okay, Flambeau and Diedne are on a date (yup, 200 b4 Schism, they were an item).
Anyway, Tremere and Tytalus are hanging out at the same pub,
and then....

(Yeah, they were a pretty hot couple. She liked to do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.)

Flambeau + Diedne = Spontaneous combustion?

The sparks were flying.

I have unleashed monsters....

What do you guys think of my proposal for the "disaster"?


I'm going to be too busy to provide much input until Monday. But, just to clarify the Nero Wolfe and Mycroft Holes reference, he was saying that my character is an armchair detective. I suspect that many of my stories will revolve around investigating the disaster that occurs, and looking for other mysteries.

I'm not sure what sort of options we would have OTHER than "stable saga where we can play for a long time." If we're going to do a short saga, then I don't want to spend twice as much time building the setting as playing in it. :wink:

Just to play Devil's Advocate, I vote for a really epic disaster. Hermetic Nuclear Strike levels of bad.

I pass my Sigil to Fixer when it comes to adjusting the Virtues rules for char gen. He has my vote on the matter.

Which brings me to an IMPORTANT point.
Take your time and do it the way you feel is right. This is to be for the long haul,, which means that we can afford to take our time in order to build a solid foundation. Indeed, it is the best way to do it. Don't feel time pressured or the need to keep up with the posting rate of others. Me, I know I am a freak :smiley:
Another comment about the long haul: don't worry if you can't keep up for a while or get time crunched. You can take a month or two off if you desire, and it will be pretty easy to fit back in.
There are a lot of old archives for this game. You do not need to read them. In fact, if you slip off pace here, all you really need to worry about is what your character knows. In PbP games, new players come and go like the wind. Established players too sometimes. But there always a few that stick around for the long haul, and many people who leave for personal reasons often return when their time frees up (or just to yell at me some more).

You been talking to Ken?
That is a bit beyond what I myself want. This saga holds a nostalgia appeal, and I wanna hold on to some of it. If the covenant was nuked, why not just start a whole new covenant? Seek out lost Val-Negra and rebuild that.
But if you are advocating something more severe, yet short of a nuclear crater, I am willing to listen. Burn the whole library?
I'd still wanna save a handful of books though.
The scenario I painted also carries ideas of who did it and why, and exactly what they did. Not set in stone, I left it vague enough so that I could fit in a couple of options and choose the one that best fits the player characters. But which it is will be set in stone when the saga opens on the first chapter of this new volume. I won't play fiddle diddle with whodunit?, but I may extend or extrapolate, depending on how it pans out and if it becomes a continuing interest.

If the majority so wills, I can tack something together that fits smoothly, drawing upon Fixer's ideas and Ken K's. But this system seems to be working so far...

I have put together a rough draft of Boons & ooks. Actually, I quoted the original so it could be saved as an archive, and started editing directly on that original post.
This is a rough draft, and I am open to ideas and suggestions (short of nuking the place).
I am off now to burn the library :smiling_imp:
And rewrite the covenant's history to focus more on the achievements of the Volume II saga and downplay Volume I.
You guys are Volume III. It is up to you to burn a legacy into my memory. Ten years from now in Volume VII, your names will still be immortalized. And you may still be around :wink:

So, I can make sweeping changes to the history in order to fit our conceptions better. There are some landmarks I'd like to keep, which are negotiable (the Knights of Seneca aspect stays for example). See, my philosophy of retcons is to build off of the previous rather than discard entirely. That was (and still is) my issue with the new House Flambeau. There is a lotta cool stuff, but they didn't need to erase the only ethnic minority Founder to do it (Flambeau (Reculed Annaeus Seneca) was Hispanic in the original, not French). The Knights of Seneca proves that the two ideas are compatible, and fictional history can be tweaked to fit the need instead of just tossing it on the fire.

Having said that, I don't wanna rewrite the history from scratch. But I am willing to make changes.

Also, to any returning player character players :slight_smile:;
You do not have to revise your old characters. Any bugs will be grandfathered in. You may take five years advancement, and you can recreate the character from scratch if you really want to, and may tweak your history to follow suit. I am doing this with Carmen to use as an example, and so far it is working out well.
But I am more focused on getting the covenant stats put together for now.
Again, a comment about time. Don't feel there is any rush. Take your time to do it right. I am a maniac poster, which is good for a PbP SG so I can make sure to respond to everyone in stories and make sure all the players share in attention and the fun.

And I just torched half the Library, and I am still at 1075 points.
Do you guys think this is good? Should I cut more? Less? Change some stuff around?

I haven't touched the lab text library yet. That will be a, well, a chore...

Well, we are (or were) an epically powerful summer covenant, right? I figure if about half to two-thirds of the books get torched, and we still have enough stuff to be enviable, that's a good thing.

Then I will keep it as it is (unless there are other suggestions)
The goal was to have (on average) one summa and one tractatus for each Art, and keep the 10xp/season benchmark viable.
For Abilities, I trimmed down to a few important ones and chucked the rest. Maybe spell mastery books should go?
I charged no points and gave no stats for our copies of the Holy Bible and the Islamic Koran.

For Lab texts, I am thinking of just creating an index listing each spell/enchantment therein. Breaking it all down to tomes and grimoires is a tall task at the moment. That can be fitted in latter, and it is just flavor. Also, when I do that, I have the habit of double charging for duplicate texts (because I forget). And we don't need five copies of PoF, even though half the Flambeau magi who write out spells will probably include that one.

So, if you have any spells you want to add/keep/change/throw out, make a mention of it.
Right now I am focused on rewriting up the main covenant, so I won't get to that project right away.

I like the way you think :wink:

Yes, the old covenant was so overbloated that I can cut enough material to build a second summer covenant, and just burn it, and what we have left is still a powerful summer covenant (just a bit closer to the RAW guidelines for such).
And, since I made such a huge library cut, and I already stated our magic items and Vis stock is stolen (our sources are fine though), as well as a bunch of other crap; I will have plenty of points for stuff that was not touched in the attack and might be able to add a few books back in.

Any spells that Vibria can use to put a lava hot tub in her crib? :laughing:

Is she immune to fire? Maybe we can work something out :smiley:

A fact I stumbled onto last time I set this up, something I didn't realize way back in the day. They Pyrenees are volcanically active. Not "VOLCANO!" active, but there are hot springs and such, and deep down far enough we can find natural magma. And natural gas deposits.
Andorra has a minor feature which I call "The Eternal Flame". Basically, it is a jet of fire fed by natural gas seeping from the rocks. It is down in the subterranean level. Jets such as these are actually not uncommon throughout the world, but there were usually regarded with superstition. I believe the Oracle at Delphi was such a gas jet. These things ignite very easily too, sparks from shifting rocks, pehistoric humans may have lit some, and various reasons.
The mountains of the Pyrenees and Spanish mountains have a lot of caves. In fact, this area is where the earliest known cave paintings can be found. Troglodytes (cave dwellers).

So yeah, we can set Vibria with some subterranean space, and pipe up some magma with a Rego spell or some such, and you can have a freaking lava jacuzzi with magma falls! :smiley:
And a steam bath for any guests that may be flammable.

As a matter of fact, she is: Greater Immunity (Fire). If you have MetaCreator (and Dropbox, maybe), her character sheet is over yonder.


Oh, Hermetic Projects. How useless I thought you'd be when I first read you....