What do we want from this saga?

I wanna get a grip on where we are at, who's playing what and how far along we are.
No rush, take your time and set things right. I am just trying to get a gague on it.

I am playing Mercuria of Mercere, who I think is pretty much ready, and an unnamed heroic Redcap that I had been thinking would be descended from Roland, but now I am considering making associated with Autolycus instead. A gentleman thief and spy?

I know there was a "real" Autolycus in Greek mythology, but every time I hear the name, I think of Bruce Campbell's recurring character from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess. :smiley:

Anyhoo, I'm playing Vibria of Flambeau (character sheet is finished, her back-story is posted, and I'm mulching the Epic Tale of Her Gauntlet (I'll probably have it up Sunday or Monday sometime). My companion is the Redcap Fédora, who I will be working on this weekend.

I'm playing Pythos of Criamon, seventh son of the seventh son of Apollo. I need to figure out the house virtue acquisition rules as they apply to my character, and then finish advancing him another 3 cycles. I should have a first draft of him done.

I'm still looking for PC interactive history goodness. In particular, if anyone else is playing a character who could have been apprenticed at the same covenant as Pythos (Gauntlet +28 at saga start). I see that Guillaume has spent some time with the Quaesitors, perhaps we interacted through them?

Oh! And I'm still looking for a good photograph of him. I had one idea, but it turned out to be Denethor from Lord of the Rings, which is probably not right.

What covenant did Pythos come from? If it's Greek, maybe we can work out something where Lucas (my Redcap) came with him. As I said before, I was kind of thinking of making him a sort of Archie to your Wolfe, except that he probably answers to all the magi rather than just being his special assistant.

And though I haven't seen it, I did see that Bruce Campbell played him, so I may channel a bit of him into the character if that amuses. :slight_smile:

my name is Mark, and I will be playing Carmen of Flambeau, and as a companion, I am reenvisioning her brother Alexandro as a Redcap.
Carmen gre up here, and is the daughter of the (nissing) archmagus Antonio.
Her mentor is Pietro of Flambeau, which can be a fun tie in with some of these plans we are discussing :smiley:

Since I don't know much about Thebes Tribunal, I haven't picked anywhere yet. He's native Greek, being the grandson of Apollo. I just did the dates, hold on...

Born: 1182
Apprenticeship:1187 - 1202
1187-1197, split between 2+ covenants
1198-1202 in Cave of Twisting Shadows)

1st Cycle: 1202-1209: Location unspecified
2nd Cycle, 1209-1216: Focused on Criamon. Possibly in the Caves of Twisting Shadows?
3rd Cycle 1216-1223: Fighting Diabolists in Iberia!
4th Cycle, 1223 - 1230: Fighting Diabolists in Iberia!

Guillaume of Flambeau (Do I have the Latin right as Guillaume Flambonis?) is coming along. I have about 2.5 cycles left. I know where things are headed. It'll just take me a few days to finish.

As a companion I'm considering a weaver thief of mixed faerie and magical blood. This character would avoid combat but would enjoy skulking about. Yes, I had sort-of the same spider idea as one of the magi, which is why I suggested a link in that thread.

Guillaume was apprenticed at Doissetep at basically the same time. Since his gauntlet he has spent a lot of time in Iberia, too. His interaction with the Quaesitores is mostly in the last half to two-thirds of the last decade.

I followed the history I found, with the Shadow Wars running roughly 1209-1220, the last few years of which were chasing down the last few diabolists. ("By 1220, it is believed all infernalists have been purged" - Mark's HP article.) Guillaume was involved from 1209 through 1216. He was still around for part of 1217, recovering from a grievous wound. Any chance you want to slide your cycles around slightly (3rd, 4th, 2nd)? Then they would have surely fought beside each other quite a bit in the Shadow Wars. That could be a great connection between them.

There may have been one last rogue Pythos helped pursue to the far corners of Novgorod or something. Heck, we didn't get Metron until 1225, and we had to go to the Arc of Frie to do it (a real world location indicating an aarc of volcanic activity in and around the Medditeranean near Italy).

I hadn't looked the dates up yet. I suppose I really should have. Thanks for passing that info on to me.

Cycle 2 is when he's trying to live among his Criamon brothers and act like a Good Criamon. Then something happens which catapualts him into a career fighting demons in Cycle 3. It occurs to me that there should be some kind of lead-up to his decision to leave his Mormon home and join the army. Perhaps the Quaesitors -- perhaps a lone Quaesitor knows Aristeaus (Pythos's pater) and knows of his pre-cognitive abilities. This Law-Loving cop knows that sometimes, if you want to get the bad guys, you have to think outside The Rules, no matter what the Chief says. So she teams up with Chicago's only practicing Wizard...

Wait, excuse me. I got my signals mixed up there. How about this? Guillaume gets introduced to Aristeaus by some mentor-like Quaesitor (I don't know who Karandos is, but I see that Marko says he's retreated to the Cave of Twisting Shadows) that he's been working with. Guillaume realizes that Pythos has the same gift for prophecy and Intellego work as his pater, but that Pythos is more naive and self-centered, making it easy for Guillaume to talk Pythos into helping him with cases. Or at least, easier than it is for his Captain to get Aristeaus to help, since the Captain has dipped into this well one too many times already.

Guillaume shows Pythos the case that he's working on, and Pythos gets a few incomplete prophecies that lead Guillaume and his team to the fight when he gets wounded. Pythos discovers -- too late -- that there's a trap or some kind of element to the event that he had not foretold properly. He rushes (waddles) to the rescue, and arrives too late. In time to save Guillaume's life, perhaps, but too late to do the job he believes he should have done.

This could even be the moment of his Twilight experience.

Guillaume survives, perhaps he feels guilty for having talked this naive man into his dirty world, maybe he can't forgive Pythos for the incompleteness of his prophecies -- you can decide that. But Pythos, on the other hand, feels like he needs to step out of his isolated world and use his powers for Good, and so decides to leave the religious conclave that he's been hiding in and join the hunt for the demon worshippers. He stills believes, deeply, in his oddball religion, and follows it even while hunting demons.

This would give us a pretty deep and multi-layered relationship when we arrive at Andorra, without either of us having to jiggle our timelines at all.

Youtube is god. It knows all. youtube.com/watch?v=j_JCnpbnLM0

Oh, that's awesome! Thanks.

Gonna play the Spider. Still trying to get a name, still working on what I want to do with her.

Basic concept is a trapster / back lines magi. I want her to act from a distance, through intermediaries (I'm thinking Rego controlled spiders or such), teleporting if need be. And to have a heavily trapped sanctum.

I'm having great fun in Bibracte with Isen working on magical security, so I want, in fact, to explore this further.
Moreso, this kind of reclusive character allow me to participate in the saga and have fun despite my occasionnal absences (And I'm probably due for some, given the end of the year at work).

I am sure you know, but just checking.
Are you aware of who else bears the name "the Spider" as pertains to hermetic lore?

Why not go with the painfully obvious and name her Arachne?

Oooh oooh! I don't! I don't!

Yes you do :slight_smile:

Just sayin', might be an omen...

Actually, I am clueless. Who else is the spider?

Dhama-5halla (sp?), aka Davnavelous, aka The Spider, aka Dave Nails.