What Guideline works better? Creo Corpus 45 or 70?

Hi, i was seeing differents stories where are recreated people form their rests, but with powers so... What is more near the 45 guideline presented on Hermetic projects or the classic resurrection with limits from Core Rules?
Suggestions and opinions...

I'm sorry, but I'm fairly sure I don't understand the question.

It appears you are comparing The Shadow of Life Renewed* (CrCo/Me 75) with ... what?
Chapter Six of Projects?

Which level 45 spell are you refering to? By p. 97 of projects, it takes a minimum of 3 spells to do something similar to TSoLR.
More likely no less than 5 effects invested into devices.

What comes back with the Living Ghost model is (at best) a ghost - not a hermetic magus, but a magical being, plausible even more damaged that what we obtain from TSoLR.

Or am I completely off track here?

*Hereafter TSoLR

Creo Corpus 45 to create one Magic Human based on the 50 to Magic Animals. The basic/thought are some animanga villians and monsters that are deceased and resurected or recreated with super natural powers.
I.E: RoD, One PIece, etc. Soon one example very detailed.

ummm, humans have souls, while hermetic magic can make animals, it can't make souls, so no making humans

But the Magical Humans are Animated magical bodies, basically an taht enters on the hermetic abilities, and canon spells.

Oh, you're talking about the guideline used in Conjure the Walking Dead (Projects, p. 117) :slight_smile:

Please do not confuse that with a resurrection. It invokes a spirit of vengeance and binds it in a corpse - I'm not even sure if it creates a corpse or a seperate corpse is needed.

I'm also kinda surprised that the requisites are considered free, but maybe that's just me.

Well, yeah. For that cause i am asking. One of the method of animate corpse in fact bind one spirit on Revenant, instead of one common corpse.
I am thinking that my spell idea is more near to replicate one body with powers, and after of that or bind on the same way one spirit, or maybe replicate creating intelligence, just like the spell that Hermetic projects that copy the dragon, more or less; but not resurrection.
I admit that animanga are not the best inspiration source. But again, the 75 spell could make on false resurrection more near to create one animated supernatural body that one common live person. Again, the theme of Soul on Magical Humans or supernatural (Human like or not) beings still not clair, and for that the resurrection of magical beings could be possible. Troupe or Storyteller counts of course.