What is an Investigation roll?

The spells Shell of False Determinations and Shell of Opaque Mysteries refer to an Investigation roll (capital I), p. 157, ArM5. What is this? How to I compute it?

It's a Lab Total devoted to determining the powers and activation conditions of magical artefact (See "Investigating Enchantments", pg 100).

Thx. After reading the text carefully, it does include the phrase "investigation roll" indeed. As usual, the ArM5 rules are as Byzantine and inconsistent as the period it portrays:)

Yes, and it's better than it ever was! Seriously. I could never find anything where I thought it should be in the 3rd Edition book.

Considering the core book in isolation, I definitely agree that the organisation itself is a lot better. However, since 5th ed is also by far the biggest, I often find that the supplements are now a source of some consternation: they often contain some elaboration of a core rule or concept which is well nigh impossible to find when you need it. That being said, there are plenty reasons why I love playing ArM5 :slight_smile: