What is it?

When classifying creatures, how do you figure what realm its aligned to?


Skeleton- It's an animated creature. Is it Magical or Undead?


Depends on who or what animated it, how and why. Every realm is probably possible. HoH:TL has Faerie vampires, for example. A skeleton animated by magic would be significantly different from one animated by the Infernal or one that really is a faerie.

And, well, there is no "Undead" realm.

What is HoH:TL short for?

Yes if a mage deside, oh well that grog is dead, just me just strip his bones and reanimate him and he can still carry my books, that is what i call resyceling, then magickal.

If the sceleston rose becouse the land is cursed and there is a big bad infernal aura, then inferal.

If the sceleton is the body of a sait come back from the grave to defend the churth he is burrid in, then devine and so on, the list go on and on.

Cool. I understand that.

I remember the whole thing about changing into a Vampire changes a Hermetic into the Vampire, but I wasn't sure if changed realms... or what...

That would depend on the type of Vampire. If a more traditional Romanion folklore creature, then Infernal or perhaps no change, or the oh so classical White Wolf mix in Tremere plot then I would think infernal yes, though the origial potion witch was just magic would probably mean no change.

Houses of Hermes: True Lineages.

White Wolf's Tremere Vampires do not exist in ArM5.

Ok thanks.