What is Over the Edge aboute?

I have heard some good things aboute Over the Edge and Atlas generaly make good games, but what is it aboute? Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question.

In brief, it's a game of bizarre conspiracies on a strange and surreal island in the Mediterranean. Players can do and be anything, but the emphasis is on imagination, strangeness, and secrets. Think Clockwork Orange, Naked Lunch, and perhaps Twin Peaks.

Some informative links:

Did you have any specific questions about the game?

Thank you. It sounds fun. I have heard the game is abit like Asylum, is this right?

Asylum? Is that the game played with marbles drawn from a bag, about a world where everyone is crazy? Or are you thinking of something different?

OtE is set in the modern day world. On the surface the world is normal, but there is all this strangeness and conspiracy underneath.
For some unexplained reason, on the island of Al Amarja, the weirdness is concentrated, and much more out in the open, which makes life in Al Amarja a very surreal experience.

You can play anything you can think of, and that the GM lets you get away with. My current online PC group consists of a british government agent, an immortal half-angel, half-demon creature, and an accountant. So you can have quite the mix.

I am curious. It seems like english is your second language. Where are you from, if you don't mind my asking?


I would say its very to easy to look at the Lost series and think of that, but not with the silly stuff.


Maybe too late?

Jon Tweet's original inspirations:
The writings of William S. Burroughs, J. Borges, surrealist art, The Twilight Zone TV series, the Twin Peaks TV series, Repo Man (not Men), Liquid Sky, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, Eraserhead, (all movies); Existance & early D. Cronenberg films, Terry Gilliam stuff. Burroughs writings/ideas paint a large swath over the whole canvas - The Edge is right out of Interzone, for instance.

the X-Files & Millenium TV series, tangentially. The Lost Highway movie. Stuff like that.

& a hell of a lot of nightmares. Go ask the Sandmen. On second thought, don't.

As a game, OTE was/is groundbreaking. Most narrativistic RPG auteurs credit Tweet's design as main inspiration.

Still one of the best RPGs out there.


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Just yesterday I was going to bump the Piazzaworld The Edge forum to see if anyone was working on any thing for it. Excellent work

It was a misguided post so Ive removed it and chucked this in the over the edge where it probably belongs.

Just yesterday I was going to bump the Piazzaworld The Edge forum to see if anyone was working on any thing for it. Excellent work