What is the calendar?

I'm about to jump into my next campaign and I'm setting up all my notes for the saga in advance.

One of the thing's I'm trying to come up with is a list of important scheduled periodic events that are scattered among all the supplements. Tribunals are easy, trying to remember all the rest is what's hard.

No books on me right now, but could people just add to the list on this thread for whatever they remember from the supplements?

So there is the Bjornaer gathering every 12 years (when is the next one after 1220?).
The Flambeau have some periodic meeting as I remember.
Isn't the gathering of resarch data for the Bonisagi set on some kind of schedule?
What else is out there?

Thanks in advance.

I created an spreadsheet with all the dates you mention, including historical dates from each manual for my own saga. If there is no copyright-related problems (Anyone knows to whom or how should I raise this question :question: ) I can send it to you

Is it current to 5th ed.?

You could send it to SHR. That way it would be available for general use. :slight_smile:

I wouldn't envisage any copyright problems, but we check for these sorts of issues when we consider things for posting.

Yes, It is.

Sorry for mi ignorance but, what is the SHR?????

see for yourself:

Oh yeah I'd love that file too, the old one is huge but badly organized and not up to date at all...

Thanks! I have just sent the file to the SHR email address.
By the way, I just realized the calendar is in Spanish! I will translate it but it will take me sometime (three or four days)

This might be of some help (or at least interest) as well...


Send that thing to me, too, if you would (once you translate it.)

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Hmmm...that must be a Geocities-based thing, as the site is specifically written in super-simple HTML.

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