What is this damn thing with cards?

Hi! I'm not a native English speaker and have problems with some of the Feng Shui 2 references and Easter eggs.

I can't understand, why schtick "Some Damn Thing with playing Cards" have such unusual name. Can you explain, why it is called this way?

And by the way, what other interesting references have you found in the books? My favorite is C.J. McClane from Nightlife and Death, which is probably reference to both Jean-Claude Van Damme and John McClane

It's a cute way of referring to mutant-pyschic cartomancy -- fortune-telling with cards. Although I've also seen some people interpret it as a Gambit-like card-throw imbued with temporal energy that lets people redo their last action.

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Thank you very much for your reply! This thing has bothered me for years, and I'm so glad to find the answer. :slight_smile: