What is your favorite house to play as?

  • Bjornaer
  • Bonisagus
  • Criamon
  • Ex Miscellanea
  • Flambeau
  • Guernicus
  • Jerbiton
  • Mercere
  • Merinita
  • Tremere
  • Tytalus
  • Verditius

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I was wondering what the demographics of the forum were; which houses are the most popular. I was discussing the Magi of Hermes with my girlfriend; she noted that there was only one Bonisagus and three Jerbitons! This started a discussion about which houses were the most popular, so I decided to start a poll!

Depends on the game, but I tend towards Verditious, Bonisagus, and Tytalus. Mercere redcaps for some companions, and an occasional Merinita or Criamon.

Tough for me, as I love Guernicus and Tremere the most, but have also enjoyed Jerbiton, and have long wanted to try Tytalus.

You may find this list of all magi written up in all ArM5 products interesting. The most popular is Merenita. Criamon was far and away the least popular until the last book in the line came out, where I think they overtook Bjornaer at last.

"Favourite" does that mean i answer which House I've played most often, which House I've made character designs or have ideas to, or which one I find most interesting?
Because those things aren't the same. While I may have some ideas, they may not work very well in a given environment for an upstarting saga, so I choose another House to play.

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It's the only one which both has a theme and I feel like i can do whatever I want.

Bonisagus. I am actually a failed apprentice in real life (failed to complete my PhD. Have spent the last 20 years teaching physics and maths at University) so fantasy wish fullfilment means I get to finally do research that works!



My previous answer aside, I voted for Bonisagus - because I like the potential of the Trianomae faction in play. I actually find the lab rat concept a bit boring. I mean, it's interesting but in a very narrow niche.

I have so far only played merinita (1 game that flopped, one ongoing game). However, having read the three house books I think I would play a Bjornaer next. I came out very much disliking Jerbiton and Tremere from the house books.
Of all the mystery cults, I found that Bjornaer were the best written and I like the idea of playing a Lion with Parma.

Ex Misc, though I can't spell it 90% of the time, for the chance to go hog wild and write your own tradition. But, since I don't fancy giving our GM too many more coniptions, if I need to re-roll I'll probably produce a Verditius (some sort of mad beekeeper) or Flambeau (tentatively named Brienne of Fuck Your Parma).

Bonsiagus. All the way. To me they are the 'best' house to play.

I am not a fan of Faerie-focused Meriata, though nature focused Meriata is fun. Shapeshifting animalistic shaman Bjornaer is cool too. The Quaestor law judges House of Guernicus is fantastic. The trading and mercantile Mercere are very very cool. Flambeau sounds fun and so does Jerbiton in certain areas.

I like enchanting Verditius but I dislike their members being hobbled, which is something i think is basically against the code as it ruins the mages.

Tremere is interesting, especially 5e, where they were given new blood and life and made nice.

Criamon does nothing for me at all.

I've only been in a few sagas overall. I like Merinita and Bonisagus - though I always feel a bit cookie-cutter when I make a Bonisagus. I like Flambeaux for an active character. I really enjoy Criamon for NPCs but haven't actually played one.

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My favorite aspect of Ars Magica is nature magic, so that means Nature Mystery Merinita, Bjornaer, and possibly a Bonisagus of the line of Hercynius. Of the three I would prefer to play a Nature Mystery Merinita.

Hmm... I see a bug (well, maybe not bug but just bad coding) in the forum code. With 31 total votes, that's 2 each for Bjornaer, Jerbiton, Mercere, Merinita, Tremere, and Verditius. So how is it the first two are at 7% while the last four are at 6%? I think whoever coded it decided to force the displayed values to total 100% while sacrificing their accuracy in the process, which quite clearly changes ranking when the entire point is ranking. Fortunately it only happens with ties, but still, that's a very poor coding choice.


I have noticed this apparent lack of consistent relationship between amount of votes and percentage value assigned.

Is it possible to have the poll simply indicate the amount of votes cast instead of percent values?

I voted Criamon. I don't like all the details of the 5e version, but overall my favorite characters in-play were mystic, weird, incomprehensible or just plain weird Criamon.

I also really like Nature Mysteries so in principle a nature-flavored Merinita or Bjornaer appeals to me, but I haven't really played one yet. And I like to just have a combat-loving Flambeau character, too.

I voted Merinita, but in truth I like all of them (even Tytalus), but really a lot of it depends on the specific character concept I'm going for.

I voted Guernicus, but over the year I've played magi of almost every House. Merinita is probably the one with the least appeal to me in 5th edition, but Guernicus, Flambeau, Tytalus, Bonisagus, Verditius and Ex Miscellanea are all strong contenders to me. Each appeal to a different part of my personality.

Ex miscellanea. Too many cool non hermetic traditions to tinker with. Not my most played faction by a large margin (that would be jerbiton, but old jerbitons, not the artist wannabe Toreadors of ArM5) but certainly my fav faction for lacking of a unifying theme besides being "those other weird folk with the real medieval magic". :slight_smile:

Spirit tytalus are also top contenders here.

I've enjoyed playing Tytalus most of the years I've played Ars Magica. Flambeau when I was younger, but not anymore.