What kind of Quantum Bastard are you?

Some of the Foe Schticks in Feng Shui are really vague as to what they are supposed to represent in-universe. The one I'm stumbling over today is Quantum Bastard: "While foe is up, all heroes take 5 Wound Points each time they roll boxcars." I'm curious what this is supposed to be / look like.

  • Is it quantum in the sense of probability, that this is some sort of weird bad luck power, and I should narrate the damage as minor calamities, accidents, and impact damage?

  • Or is it quantum in the sense of particles, and this is some sort of weird energy halo? It might have been intended that it pulses out erratically and the boxcars are just a way to hand-wave the timing.

  • Is this a power from the 1st Edition, and there's an explanation of what it means if I go hunting through old sourcebooks?

  • Or is it, like the Flying Guillotine, a crazy bit of nonsense that suddenly makes sense only if you have seen specific Martial Arts movies?

My PCs may be going up against Dead Head Fred today, and I haven't made up my mind yet about how I'm going to interpret that. I'm not honestly all that concerned with making sure my interpretation is "correct", but I am curious what the authors were envisioning.

I realise this may not be the most helpful answer but "yes"?

By which I mean you should probably feel free to interpret it whichever way makes sense for your adventure. Although I agree, it's not as instantly accessible as, say "both guns blazing" which anyone who has seen a 90s heroic bloodshed film will recognise.

In reality it's probably the last of your options but I think it's okay for the game to have a bit of fan service for people who have seen the really obscure stuff. The rest of us don't have to use it, or we can use it blind if it is useful.