What scores in Languages are needed to teach?

The rules state that there must be a common language to teach something. How high do those scores have to be.

For instance, suppose the teacher has a native language of Greek and an Ability Block with languages, and the student has a native language of English and a Greek of 2. Could the teacher teach the student Greek? At what point is the student have a high enough Greek score that the teacher could teach something else besides Greek, say, Craft: Glassblowing?

I would relax the rules for the student if the student is being taught the language. Outside of that situation, I would probably stick with the language rules for books, extending them to teaching.


It may also depend on what is taught.

Artes Liberales requires a higher score than Brawl (think of all those action movies where Shaolin teach a wide-eyed American how to kick ass).

Isn't that why the rules for training do not require a common language? I thought that type of instruction was supposed to fall under training. Maybe I misunderstood.


For teaching, I'd say you'd get a negative study total for having an effective common language less than 3. Offcourse, speaking to each other, they could put practice xp in the language in question...