What spells are needed for ghost-necromancy?

Supposing one wanted to use the ghost-necromancy from HoH:TL, Tremere...

What spells would I need?
I have a site where many people have met untimely and violent deaths, and no closure has been attained - we still don't know who did it. They propably weren't Christian and under all circumstances have not been buried or had any rites performed.

By being at their place of death as well as having their skulls for arcane connections, I should be able to summon them (ReMe some level). Can I then just bring the skulls (or pieced thereof) with me, and use Coerce the Spirits of the Night when I need them to do something? Or do I need some other ReMe spell to bind the ghosts to the item?
And I propably need the MuMe spell to make their gear solid and corporeal, although they might have the power themselves to use one item.

Any good input here?

With Incantation of summoning the dead, with the skull you already HAVE your "portable spirit"! Add to that Coerce the spirit of the night or other spell to negociate with them... and there is your ghost army!

but IoStD is a ritual - what if he want's to do this on the cheap?

Doesn't HoH_Tl, Tremere have some text about a magus who made a torc of the teeth of schythian warriors? IIRC there was a Dur:Circle spell involved. IDHMBWM but that's my recollection of it, I'll have to look it up when I get home from work.

Vespasian, when you have summoned the ghost you can:

  • block him within a ward
  • make him your slave (coerce with long duration)
  • negociate for him to stay with you

The spirit would not be able to go away if you ward it into his skull :wink:. That's what i would do.

The spell I was looking for was "Voices from hollow spaces" ReMe 35 Voice/Ring/Individual
It binds a ghost to a place or thing, the grave site or a mirror are mentioned as examples. The magus needs to force the spirit to do his bidding when needed, but he can carry the ghost with him, if it was bound in a portable object.
I guess he'd need Coerce the Spirits of the Night to whip it into action against its will, and perhaps Lay to Rest the Haunting Spirit to off it, if it got difficult.

Interesting spell. Which book is it from?

If it gets annoying just harvest him for his vital energy. Much more succulent. :smiling_imp:


Yup :smiley: and uses it to summon another one :stuck_out_tongue:

Houses of Hermes: True Lineages - Tremere chapter, among the new spells listed. IDHMBWM now so I don't know the page number off hand.

But the question is now: Does it need to Penetrate? Logic would tell me: Yes. But the spell lists nothing of the kind. Anyhow, you need to be at the site of death, the gravesite or hold the skull, so there ought to be some hefty penetration bonus some ACs.
Coerce the Spirits of the Night needs to Penetrate IIRC, so...

I add my voice to your logic. Any spell must penetrates IMO so this one also. But as you said: big penetration modifiers :wink: