What would a budding Pirate need to do to usurp the Captain archetype?

Hi. I’m trying to run a Cosmic level campaign where one of the players is the Godwalker of the Captain archetype and is opposed by an NPC that is trying to ascend as the Pirate. My game is set in 2013. The player of the Godwalker wants the nation of Ethiopia to be important, and I was reading that there were a lot of pirate attacks on shipping in the Gulf of Madagascar in 2013. Also there are Pirate political parties. Originally I was running Raiders of the Lost Mart but eventually the person playing Tori Hill got her characters Avatar Identity up to 98% and confronted the elderly Godwalker of the Captain and convinced him to step down to support the status quo which was threatened by a would be usurper who seeks to Ascend as the Pirate

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So in my game, I decided that Roger Danneskojöld (Avatar of the Captain 98%) has gotten himself elected to the Norwegian Pirate Party and has gotten Norway to fund privateers in the Gulf of Madagascar and the Indian Ocean that are very publicly attacking smugglers and human trafficking operations to raise the status of piracy in the public eye. While at the same time, Mr. Danneskojöld is encouraging one of the godwalker’s crew to mutiny in order to weaken her.

I'm still at a loss for symbolic or ritual actions that Roger Danneskojold could undertake.