What You Hear

Looking for a way to keep some recent posts on here, I thought of a great idea (actually, a pretty poor one, but great nonetheless). If anybody out there stumbles onto these forums and wants to get involved in Unknown Armies, post a What You Hear - some rumor of some kind that can be thrown into games as truth or falsehood (or somewhere in between). Next post, I'll begin.

Angels have been flying on comets for millenia and are at war with aliens who have been visiting us for centuries. The angels are attempting to snatch away the artifacts of the alien power, such as trying to wipe away crop circles. The Tunguska Explosion occured when an angel piloted a cometary craft directly into an alien saucer.

In Rhode Island, there is a man who can talk to time. He can be found at some online Underground forums under the handle "Sane Hatter". According to him, time gives him insight into the passage of His domain, and is the best checkers player in the cosmos.

In 1969, a vampire attacked the daughter of a senator. The senator had to hush it up, because the euphoric aphrodesiacs in the vampire's saliva turned the daughter into an exhibitionist nymphomaniac. The vampire and the senator's daughter now live in Quebec, and according to story the vampire is a repository for rituals that nobody else knows, and the senator's daugher practices a much more relaxed and open form of Pornomancy, called Ecstasis.

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If you completely dissolve a person into their total magical essence, they amount to a significant charge.

After a Podcast by the Residents called the River of Time, several groups, including a few high-ranked members of TNI, have stated that they "know that guy", or that the Podcast was based on somebody they know. They each describe different people. This is relevant because they each used the River of Crime as a sort of midpoint between Adept and Archetype power, as if there was a "Crime" Archetype and the people each not only followed it, but had obsessions with it that made it an Adept power as well. Paralells with Pornomancy are rife.

Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't a bear. He didn't have hair because he was actually the only exemplar of el chupacabra ever captured alive. He's presently being held by Animal Control and is listed as Top Secret. A breeding program with Texas coyotes has been planned, but it's uncertain if such a project has been initiated.

Last year a man dragged his wife before the court accusing her of adultery, the reason was that she was pregnant and he knew he was medically sterile. The case dragged on and got much spoken of in the media as the woman denied having had sexual relations whit anyone but her husband. A few psychologists meant the woman could have been the victim of a rape she later had suppressed but the court did not believe that, the jury found in favor of the husband that divorced his wife and activated a prenuptial, basically putting her on the street whit nothing.

A few months later the woman gave birth. But something happened in that delivery room. The two doctors and a nurse helping the woman whit the difficult delivery was found brutally ripped open. Only one of them survived, one of the doctors. And all he would say say grotesque, over and over again and he seamed to have lost his mind. Neither the woman nor her infant have been seen since.

They took Mr. Pibb off the market because it turned out to share a name with a child-abducting satanist.

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