What's with the forum?

Performance has been rather poor these past few weeks. Additionally, I am running a PbP game on here the email notification system has seemed to go completely out of whack, which has made my ability to respond a bit more difficult.

I'm bringing this up, because while I recognize that this is a free service Atlas Games provides, it is also possible that Atlas Games is unaware of the overall forum performance these past few weeks and would want to rectify any problems.

Thanks for your consideration, the wonderful products you produce and the offer of this forum to interact with fellow gamers.

Can you be more specific about what in particular is acting up, plus what OS and web browser you're using? We need to be able to replicate the problem to be able to find its cause and fix it.

I generally run Windows 7 and Chrome, but I have an iPad with Safari, and I have used IE9 on occasion, as well.

Posting has become less reliable, quite a few times I'll get an error that the webpage is unavailable and will have to refresh to resubmit. Sometimes it becomes a double post. Response time from the forum seems to have increased significantly, sometimes pages won't load, and it is intermittent, the most challenging kind of problem to chase.
Also, email notifications, which I rely on a lot for PbP games sometimes take hours to be sent. This has happened before, but in the past few weeks, it is much more common that notifications come 7-24 hours after posting.

Next time I get an error posting, I'll copy the exact and full text and post it in this thread.

Thanks again!

The error code/text would help. Thanks for the heads up!

I believe this is the same error code I've commented about before. It seems to be rather frequent, as a year ago I never experienced it, but in the last few months I can expect to see it once a day or so.


I'll chime in and say that the forums are extremely slow recently, even though there aren't many users online. I don't get any error messages, but pages take a noticeable amount of time to load.

From the main index page it to ~ 60 seconds to skip to the last post in this forum. It then took 40 seconds to do the post reply button.
I started this process around 8:05 EDT.

I'm not sure if there was ever a resolution to this, but I'm afraid I am getting this message probably 2 out of every 3 times I come to or refresh any page on these forums. It also takes considerably longer to load pages than the rest of the internet. If it helps I'm running Windows 8, IE10 and have an 11mb/s connection.

Grateful for any assistance.

I'm also getting this on my main machine (Windows 7, newest version of Internet Explorer)O and my phone (which is an Android running whatever Google-lite browser comes prestashed in HTC phones.)

We're looking into it. Sorry for the trouble.

Our webmaster reports that the updates she just did, in response to complaints that the forums were having a lot of problems, went well. Please let me know if you're still having trouble. Thanks.