Where can I find an up-to-date PDF of ArM5e core?

I purchased a fresh PDF copy off the official website, and to my surprise it was PDF version 1.0, meaning I had to manually edit it with 2nd printing errata. Does anyone know where I can find a legit up-to-date copy? Does it even exist?

Same question applies to other sourcebooks, because I ran out of my Adobe trial.

When you say official site, do you mean Atlas Games? If so, I would reach out to them and ask them to give you the latest version.

I purchased my copies of books from Warehouse23, and I am fairly certain that the books have been updated, as the revisions have been put into print. The current version of the PDF from Warehouse 23 is 1.3

That's weird, I also purchased a copy from Warehouse 23, and the digital copy I can download is 1.0 still.

I'll contact them, indeed. That's info@atlas-games.com, right?

Well if you purchased from Warehouse 23 Iā€™d go there. They are the ones who need to do customer service.

It's a little embarassing, but I actually bought the book from both sites - the native Atlas Games shop and Warehouse 23. Both downloaded Digital Version 1.0

I've messaged Atlas Games, all I've got to do now is wait.