Where do I find max. lift in relation to Strength

I can't seem to find a table in ArM5. Main reason to ask is because of the unseen porter (which can carry as if it had strength +5.

ArM5 p.178 Encumbrance is as close as it gets.


Yeah, found that as well... So, up to which burden can an unseen porter go? Up to 5 for a resulting encumbrance of 0? Higher? What the weight of a load of 1?

References {or in their absence) opinions?

Let's have an example. The amount of rock that is impacted by Rock of Viscid clay a sphere with a three foot diameter, can the unseen porter carry it? How fast will it be?

Try Grogs, pages 47-48. It has 1 point of Load at ~7 lbs, along with a bunch of other stuff that might help.

Also, the Plaustrum Pertinax (that awakened wagon in TME, page 113) has a Str of +5.

I had always found these spells problematic; Unseen Arm have base 2, Unseen Porter base 3, but Rego bases are 1 to move dirt in a natural fashion, 2 for slightly unnatural and 3 for unnatural fashion, and then you have to add 1 level to affect stone or glass, and 2 for metals & gems. But Unseen Arm seems able to work with instruments (that may be made from metal)... if designing these spells from scratch, I would ask them to be at least one magnitude higher, and spend the Porter extra magnitude as a +1 in target size. So Unseen Arm could move about a cubic feet of metal, and Unseen Porter 10 times that. I think base Terram sizes should imply what weight can you move with these spells, not odd size comparisons (that, anyway, come preceded with a "roughly speaking" warning in the corebook).

There's a pretty simple mathematical extrapolation, based on real-world data. For instance, we could declare that Strength -5 gives a max lift of 1 lb, and anything under that has a max lift of "negligible". Then double max lift for each point of strength:

That gives this table:

Since the world record for "tire deadlift" is around 1200 lbs, that progression seems to fit, and is very easy to calculate.