Where is "The Great Golden Wyrm Impothesse" referenced?

I was wondering if my sodales can help me find where "The Great Golden Wyrm Impothesse" comes from or where I can find it referenced? (in and out of canon/game). It is listed in the old Hermetical timeline by @TimOB (and others). Or maybe @Timothy_Ferguson can shed some light (as it's in the Greater Alps)?
I have been unable to find it myself in the game or elsewhere.

Example entry:
C. 600-700 Greater Alps: The Dragon Impothesse, called the Golden Wyrm for her wondrous golden scales, burns cities and the realms of kings who oppose her continuing quest for gold and gems. She is opposed by the mortal kings, and brave knights are sent to slay her, but she is not defeated.

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Lol, just as I have asked - I managed to finally run across it. 3e module "Twelfth Night" has a golden wyrm "Impathis" in the Alps...


I probably blurred it deliberately, for effect. It bugs me that modern people insist on modern spelling standards for medieval wyrds.