Where is the spell to summon an Elemental?

Hello everyone,

I've been skimming my books searching for a core hermetic spell that allows to summon an elemental spirit and I can't locate it. It always requires a special mystery or virtue...

Hermetic magic should be able to do this no?


They are, as is shown in MoH p. 112, `Petite Phoenix'.

The problem appears to be, that the creature to summon needs to be defined first, and there are many parameters for this in ArM5. So a player does usually not control which beings exist and can be summoned: this appears to be a troupe decision. Only specialist characters (Theurgists, Summoners, Sahirs etc.) have some beings to summon written out for them in the rules already.
There are also rules for the casting of 'Invoke the Pact of (Daimon)' by Hermetic magi without Hermetic Theurgy, though: in TMRE p. 81, end of 1st column. But such a magus needs to have a lab text to know of a Daimon from TMRE p.137ff in the first place.


Good information ...

Is it easier to just create them?


Using Creo is possible as well.

For the spell guidelines see RoP:M p.132ff, in particular the box on p.133. There are generic Might 15 Elementals in this chapter, but also there the definition of the available Elemental creatures to summon/create (see p.135ff) belongs to the troupe.


RoP: M, p. 132ff
Spells/guidelines are in the box on p. 133

There's also an article in Sub Rosa #4 about elementals and the extra control a summoning magus might have over them. But I'm biased because I wrote it.


Tehre are also guidelines that are slightly different about summoning spirits in the second chapter of Mysteries revised (Serfs parma, in that I'm not sure how they're different)

The petite phoenix in MoH is a way of controlling a fire it doesn't involve self aware spirits at all.

p. 28-29 TMRE, chapter 4 I believe.

it's just a "lump" of fire, not a spirit at all - self aware or not.
The elementals of RoP: M have cunning and so presumably aren't self aware either

The pdf list of spell guidelines on the Atlas site also has book and page references in case you're ever looking for other guidelines like this.