Where to find more VTT Ars Magica games?

Why is there no section except for PbP on the forums? Any recommendations on where to find VTT Ars Magica games? With platforms like Foundry I am surprised that there are not more Ars online games available, esp with so many people being in the module dev's Discord.

I already play in CJ's awesome Stonehenge Tribunal game and an in-person game, but I am an RP addict and need mooorrrreeeee Ars Magica!!!!! :wink:

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There is a very popular discord server; see


Yep, And you asked at a perfect time, I've been thinking of running a Ars Magica Apprentice PbP game over Discord. I might be advertising for it soon over in the LFG channels on the discord.


Thank you!!!!