Where to send the Grog? Suggestions for Ars Magica Blog)

What Should I Concentrate on for my Ars Magica Blog?

  • What Ars Magica blog?
  • Keep developing everything
  • The Mythic Middle East
  • Mythic Genoa
  • Redcaps
  • Mythic Astrology
  • Hedge Magic
  • London Bridge Covenant
  • Reviews
  • Pick two or three concepts (please specify)
  • Other (please specify)

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I've been writing my blog, My Life as a Grog for about a year now.

It was originally based on Timothy Ferguson's Games from Folktales blog in style - a place to collect leftover pieces cut from official supplements, design notes, thoughts on the writing process and as a scratchpad / workbook for ongoing ideas in development.

It's been an interesting process from a creative an technical point of view.

I think I've developed some ideas I wouldn't have been able to explore in official supplements or craft into Sub Rosa articles but still have some level of discipline and focus. I've developed several themes but I thought I'd throw a pitch out there as to what the forum opinion was on where I should focus.



You can send your grog to the inn for some grog!

I voted covenant development (london bridge). However, any of those would be great, and I think you can branch in several directions at once. Says the guy that needs to keep developing iusto foedere :unamused:
i liked what you did so far, so I would like to read more stuff of yours :slight_smile:

I voted "everything". Just do what's fun for you. It's hard enough to keep writing when you write on whatever you want to at the moment.

If you insist on getting topic preferences - I'd vote for both Mythic Genoa as I think it's most widely applicable to the games of others, and for the London Bridge Covenant as it's most useful for starting players.

I vote Genoa, then saw YR7's post and decided he or she was wiser than I am.

That's a very useful couple of comments thanks Yair although I must admit my London Bridge Covenant idea wasn't really meant as a starting covenant for players new to the game. Then again, it could be, if I use it to help explain aspects of the game like Timothy's Tin Islands project... Hmmm.

Genoa does seem to be popular though (at least based on the fact that it equals the "What Ars blog" choices) - thats good as I've got quite a few ideas for it.

Thanks to everyone so far!