Which book? Goliards

Hi folks, I seem to recall that Goliards are covered in one of the 5th ed books but I can't remember which. It is not The Divine or The Infernal, does anyone know where I should be looking?

HoH: TL, p. 93-94

EDIT: Also mentioned RoP: I. p. 139


Thank you! :slight_smile:

For what's worth, the Goliards are still today quite active in a number of Italian university towns. Organized in various "orders" or "confraternities" of (exclusively) university students, wearing archaic-looking cloaks and hats brimming with symbols, tokens and amulets, they drink (they really drink), carouse, compose and recite poetry, and generally perpetrate all sorts of ribald practical jokes that are mostly tolerated by the rest of the town.

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