Which Metacreator supplements would you ransom ?

Because of the good success of the subscription drive to ransom the Covenants supplement for Metacreator, I think it might be interesting to run some kind of poll about which other ArM supplements the forum population would be willing to order in further ransom schemes. However, since it seems to me (correct me if I'm wrong) that under this forum software you can't set up a a poll which allows multiple answers, I refrained of making this an actual poll thread, since a single-answer poll would seriously bias the results.

Since IMO the ransom effort for Covenants has been successful also largely thanks to the goodwill of the Atlas forumites, I think it might be a useful information about the selling potential of other current and next future supplements, so-far uncovered by Metacreator, for the people of the software house.

Under any circumstance, I would surely ransom:

Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults
The Mysteries Revised Edition

If it's productive to ensure a continued Metacreator coverage of future ArM supplements, especially the two above, I'd also be willing to ransom:

Realms of Power: Divine
Realms of Power: Infernal

At this point, I would ransom any ArM5 package just to maintain full support for the line.

What I'm really interested in is
Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults
The Mysteries Revised Edition

Of course. :slight_smile:

Same with me as for YR7.

Why don't you start this thread over with a poll so we can see the break down? Just an idea.

Because, as far as I know, it is not possible in the Atlas forums to set up a poll where you can give multiple answers, and such a poll would make sense only in that case, since most people (myself included) would like to mark multiple supplements as wanted. If I am wrong, please show me how to set up such a poll, and I'll be more than happy to edit the thread.

Errg, as he said, the board cannot handle multiple-choice polls. [yet?]

Edit: Beat me to it!!
Too old, too slow.

Which would you want produced-
(Choose the choice most correct-)

  1. Mystery Cults
  2. Divine
  3. Infernal
  4. Mystery Cults and Divine
  5. Mystery Cults, Divine, Infernal
  6. Mystery Cults and Infernal
  7. Divine and Infernal
  8. Nothing
  9. Everything
  10. Other

This could get you close...wordy, but its all there, unless you want additional choices

If the ransom of Covenants has been successful (and it seems so with us making the pre-orders) then I'd look at ransoming every new supplement, workload permitting.

At the end of the day, I'd buy all the supplements. I buy all the books so why wouldn't I want the software to support that? But I recognise that not everybody feels the same way. I can understand some not seeing that much to their taste in any given book and just not bothering.

The bottom line is I want to support Alter Ego in supporting Ars Magica. If that means they have to ransom everything and only cherry-pick those that meet their targets then so be it.

We do this stuff for fun, they're trying to make a living.

I echo marklawford's words.

I'm happy to support Alter Ego - the products are not that expensive, and the utility is excellent. So, any ransoms that come out, I will put in my ten dollars or whatever. I'll use the material, definitely.

I'm most looking forward to:

Mystery Cults, Mysteries Revised, Infernal, Divine.

Probably in that order, though Mysteries and Cults are very close.