Which things wait for us in the future?

I am Ars Magica addicted. I play this game since 1996 and every time I wait for a new book with immoderate joy! I know there are only 4 books per year and this one we have

  • Art & Academe
  • RoP:Magic

but I would be very grateful if someone could give me more info (inaccurate too) regarding the next books to be released, gossip or clues about it.
Thanks you all :slight_smile:

Michelle has said that she expects to get RoP: Faerie out in early 2009.

I think that we'll see hedge magic out this year.

As for the rest I'm reluctant to guess (a combination of actual ignorance and NDA's).

There was this collection of fan-contributed magi (complete with items, spells, and so on) that Atlas was making. Erik's silence also hints that he might have been invovled in that, and it would fit the missing slot of the year: goodies for magi.

I really don't know what's going into a the other slots I supose it could be the open call book. However if I recall correctly the open call document said that the book was probably not be out in 2008. I only suggested hedge magic because we've been hearing about it for years (and I'm really really looking forward to it).

Hedge Magic is very likely to be out this year. I'm not yet sure what the fourth one will be; we'll probably actually have a choice.

I know I would be excited if one of those is a Venice chronicle book :smiley:

I know I may be in the minority but I so love the 5th ed Tribunal books. I hope we get a Theban Tribunal book in the next few years.

I should skim more carefully - on first glance I misread that at a Vancian chronicle book. (Topical after the recent demise of EGG...)

A choice! My choice is ALL of them. (What do you mean, that's not allowed?)

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