Which Tribunal is your ArM5 Saga set in?

What Tribunal do you play/set your Saga primarily in?

  • Normandy Tribunal or Rhine Tribunal
  • Loch Leglean Tribunal or Stonehenge Tribunal
  • Iberian Tribunal or Provencal Tribunal
  • Roman Tribunal or Tribunal of the Greater Alps
  • Novgorod Tribunal
  • Tribunal of the Levant
  • Tribunal of Thebes
  • Hibernian Tribunal
  • Transylvanian Tribunal

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Just wondering what the current spread is, considering we have 2 "Hermetic Heartland" ArM5 Tribunal Books - Rhine & Normandy and that most of ArM3 and earlier (at least as far as official supplements) seems to have been based in Provencal.

By "primarily set" I mean where is the home covenant located. This may be either tabletop, online / PBEM or Atlas forum based games.

I'm assuming the default 1220 start date era but would be interested if anyone plays in other eras such as 1197 (ArM3 default), Schism War, just after the Order's founding, a later date or otherwise.

I've grouped some Tribunals together due to the constraints of Poll options.

I'm particularly interested if anyone plays in Hibernia, Thebes or Transylvania given that they have never been officially subjected to a mass chamber-pot nailing attack...

(Jeremiah Genest's excellent unofficial rendering of the "Theban Tribunal" counts as "half-nailed")



Technically it was and is both the Stonehenge and the Loch Leglean tribunal. We massaged a border war to our advantage (since in our continuity, the border between Tribunals is defined by which Kings claim which land - anachronistic but fun) and Scotland expanded slightly to include us.

We began play in 1153 in Stonehenge and have progressed to 1164 over about 3.5 years. We're set in Cumbria with Ungulus really not liking our covenant.


The game I run as alpha is based around Triamore. The game I play in is based around Flanders from what I think is a ArM3 background.

The saga I run is spread across Novograd, Thebes and Normandy with some activity in Iceland and Greenland. So it is a bit widely spread

Wow... Loch Leglean and Stonehenge are pretty popular, aren't they. Incidentally, how many SGs run sagas using the Tribunal information pretty much as it's given in the sourcebooks? I've deliberately made my Stonehenge Tribunal very different from the version presented in Heirs to Merlin (I even got rid of Blackthorn), not because I dislike any of the ideas but because I'd feel a bit lazy and guilty if I didn't use my own.

Our group plays in the Rhine-tribunal. Not because of the tribunal-book, but because we live in the Netherlands.

Serious games over the years, Provencal, Novgorod and in Ã…rhus Denmark, ie. outside any tribunal(group was aiming as longterm goal to establish a "Scandian tribunal", quite ambitious...). Also some shorter/minor sagas in Levant, Iberian and Stonehenge.
Provencal story was longest, biggest and certainly most fun, so i voted there.

Played in serious sagas in:

  • Iberia (most successful saga so far)
  • Loch Leglean (/with heavy stonehenge interaction)
  • Normandy (current saga, with some spinoffs of ourt loch leglean saga)

Other failed sagas have included a number of tribunals


Current play is Rhine, 1140. Tribunal similar to the official one, but with some alterations and "played-back" in time. Still early stages, though, so the Tribunal hasn't come up much yet.

Iberia (near Alcantara) , c. 1220, though we tend to have expeditions going all over the place. We've also avoided introducing the flaming shadow so far.

The covenant is squarely on the territory of the Novgorod tribunal, but the mages chose to join the Rhine tribunal... because otherwise they'll start without any money, books, etc. Politics, politics. :smiling_imp:

Rhine this time around, Hibernia before

Longest-running was in Transylvania.

Why does the poll stack Normandy and Rhine together?


And I'd guess he did that because they're the two most current tribunal books.

I find it interesting that there isn't a saga set in the Levant yet...


Because there is a limit in how many options can be put forth for vote, and since those were the only ArM5 supplements the author thought it wasn't so bad to put them together in a single option.

I run in the Rhine, border with the Novgorod, in 1150. Border disputes and inter-tribunal politics are a big aspect of the game, and I do not play either tribunal exactly as portrayed in the supplements.

There is one now! Campaign started in 1141 in Alexandria. We're now in 1164. Lots of interesting things happening in Egypt in that time... :slight_smile:


Ultima Thule wasn't one of the choices, lol.

But in any case, for me it all starts in Iberia, and it all comes back to Iberia. I am a medievial Spanish history nut :smiley:

Home covenant is Andorra. Areas in Iberia that I based stories in are Catalonia/Barcelona, Zaragossa, New Castile, the Baelric Islands, and Valencia.

I use a lot of the Iberia book, but I turn down the Demon dial from its setting of 11 to a setting of 2 or 3.

Completely! That's the timeframe I'd consider as well...1140s forward in the Levant is chock full of interesting events... but then my bias probably showed with my Masada article in Sub Rosa. :slight_smile: The Caravanserai article coming up in SR#3 could also work for the Levant.