Which Tribunal would you live in and why?

Which Tribunal would you live in and why?

  • Loch Leglean
  • Hybernia
  • Stonehenge
  • Iberia
  • Provencal
  • Rome
  • Rhine
  • Novgorod
  • Greater Alps
  • Levant
  • Thebes
  • Transylvania
  • Normandy

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Please leave a comment below why you would live there.

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I picked Transylvania because I like how the Tribunal is organized.

I choose Stonehenge because so many of the facets of that country and its Tribunal are interesting to me and would be somewhere I would love to live.

This said, the magical nature of Thebes is also very interesting and if I could choose a second option it would be there.

If I was allowed a third option, :slight_smile:, and I was an elder magus then I would have to say the Alps. The nature of it and the way they live is also highly interesting.

The book was due when we started discussing starting a new ArM game, and one of the players lobbied for it, on grounds that he understood the Tribunal would be easy to start a covenant in.

What do you want to ask?

Do you want to know which tribunal my group chose to play in?
Or do you want to know which tribunal looks so likeable to me, that I - as a real person - could imagine to live there?


I chose Iberia because I am fascinated by the history and culture of the land of that era, and am an avid student of the subject. stonehenge would be second, because I could probably get used to the language quicker, and as a traveller whisked out of time, I figure that would give me my best chance to manipulate the ignorant savages and amass power.

I assume you mean if I was a magus? Oh, tough. Possibly Stonehenge for the ability to have fun with the mundanes. But I also would really like to visit or even join the domus magnae of Verditius or Ex Miscellanea for opportunities to learn more ways to improve my item crafting...

I agree with Chiarina, it's unclear if the question is:
"in which tribunal would you have your PCs dwell and experience stories?" or
"in which tribunal would you, if you were a hermetic magus (presumably?) living in 1220's Mythic Europe, want to dwell?"

Yet another interpretation is "In which area of Europe/northern Africa/the middle East would you, as a real person in today's world, want to live?".

The answer to the first question is probably the Rhine, because somehow I find it more "versatile" in terms of story potential than other published Tribunals. The answer to the second question is probably... Novgorod. It's a quiet place :slight_smile: (in 1220!) The answer to the third is ...uhm... irrelevant to the forum :slight_smile:

As a magus, Thebes. It's cultured and peaceful. Second place - Alps. For the same reason.

As a mundane - nowhere, it's all, ehm, too medieval!

I would live in Iberia because I like the many cultures in here.

Is it bad that I just saw Transylvania on the leading edge of votes and immediately thought, "and there's House Tremere, breaking the political system again"? :confused:

Levant. Because it's close to awesome culture and the wide variety of magical traditions in the Middle East that I can crib from.

Greater Alps,

because I was born there. And I like the rough nature of the Alps.


Durenmar, to be exact. In a world without internet, I'd settle right on the doorstep of the best library available!

Transylvania because it's peaceful, well run, and cooperative. Also the authorities are approachable and interested in every resident's input (you can tell, they solicit input every year). Naturally, those self-absorbed Jerbitons running Thebes and the Greater Alps are jealous of House Tremere's success and far-reaching vision. :frowning:

Also the tribunal under House Tremere doesn't pretend the Order's "democracy" isn't a self-perpetuating oligarchy and tyranny of the pretentious and rich over the lesser peons, unlike say the Theban or the Greater Alps tribunals. 8)

Other good choices include any tribunals abutting the Mediterranean, Black or Baltic seas, after all adventure is only a ship and a few days travel away ... once the local possibilities are exhausted :smiley:

Provencal-- I know where all the bodies are buried. :wink:


Novgorod because your closest Hermetic competition for resources is a hundreds of miles away.


Me as me? I'd have to rule out Stonehenge, Iberia, Normandy, Provencal, Rhine, Rome and Thebes right off the bat, because things there aren't at all good for my kind, and are only getting worse. Probably Greater Alps too. Novgorod and Transylvania might be ok, except that I know the Mongols are coming, and there's no fun in that. Unless you're a Mongol, that is. The Levant? Maybe, but not the Crusader part. Hibernia? Probably problematic. Egypt would be good. So, Levant it is. With Poland being part of Novgorod, Novgorod second.

Me as a magus? Novgorod. So much space, so much potential. As for the Mongols, so what? That kind of challenge is more interesting and epic than the petty squabbles that dominate so many other Tribunals, and possibly no less lethal.

So Novgorod wins.

BTW, all the sahirs need to do to beat the Order is to surrender and join. Even if only the Gifted sahirs join at first, they'd have enough votes to admit the rest in less than a generation.

Well, the results are in and it looks lie Novgorod and Thebes tied, while Loch Leglean and Normandy got no love at all. I can see why Novgorod won but I still don't understand what people see in Thebes. I know why nobody wanted Normandy (little vis and having to deal with the Tytalus) and I bet nobody voted for Loch Leglean because only the old timers have the Tribunal book and so it's a relative unknown. All in all I'm disappointed Transylvania didn't win, oh well.

As alwayse, feel free to disagree.

I put down Thebes, though my reasoning is a little different... Having my game set in the late 700s - what's going on in Byzantium at this point in history (to me) is WAY more interesting reading. It's fairly obvious that while there was such a thing as a "carolingian revolution" - France was a boring backwater compared to Rome and the Caliphate.

Thebes just has so much history, so much mythology... It's really rich for story telling. In my game, I can go through the politics of why the tribunal decides that all covenants need a mystical patron. It's going to be awesome.

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