Which virtues grant abilities?

Hi, I'm on my eternal quest to create an online character manager, and I'm facing the nightmare of unlocking abilities or ability groups only after picking specific virtues allowing it (mostly to avoid new players designing shield grogs with no virtue allowing combat abilities and such). So, before having to go through all books and checking all virtues I'm unfamiliar with (which are a lot), does anybody knows (or have) a list of which virtues grant access to restricted abilities?

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A character needs a reason to have an Ability with a Type different from General. Such a reason can be a Virtue, a Flaw, or a Character Type.
Some Flaws can even exclude specific General Abilities for a character.

So start every character with: all Abilities forbidden but the General ones. And then put in the effects of his/her/their Virtues, Flaws and Character Types.

I am not aware of published or unofficial lists of Virtues, Flaws and Character Types specifically related to Abilities. But as you implement your character manager, you have to check in every one of these into your software's lists anyway - unless you wish to grab them from the Metacreator.

That would be nice, but I'm on a Mac, and I don't think I can make it work on these (in fact, besides wasting time, that's the main reason of this little project). It seems that I'm going to have to go the hard way (...or leave all abilities open to players and then just whine when they pick an ability they shouldn't).

Not complete but... force all non-general abilities to be linked to a virtue/flaw. You can either validate manually or enumerate which ability/type are available for that virtue. Include The Gift in your list of virtues though.

There is also a difference between virtues which grant abilities --- that is, directly give the character a 1 in the ability --- and virtues which merely allow the character to learn the ability in the future. For example, Dowsing confers the Ability Dowsing 1, Mercenary Captain allows the character to take Martial Abilities during character generation.


@Ouroboros Maybe you'd be interested in some collaboration? I am also building one...I found it relatively easy to manage the virtues & abilities, but keeping track of xp....UGH

Anyway, let me know if you might be interested. Once it is done, I will probably make it available for personal use to anyone interested.

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Well these were actually quite easy to figure out. Most of the virtues granting an ability to score 1 are supernatural (well, and Faerie Magic. And suddenly I recall Chthonic Magic, which I need to add), and that virtue's name is exactly the virtue name. So when one of these virtues is taken I plug in the ability of the same name, and for the Score of 1 I just make the virtue grant 5 extra xps.

Which now that I think of it might be incorrect because one might well have affinity with that virtue, so anyone taking that virtue / ability combo and also affinity with the ability will get 2.5 extra xps, but I think I can live with that.

Hi LadyAth, sure! I'll send you a PM right away and let's try to figure how could we collaborate.