Whip Master and Gun Shticks

Whip Master seems a bit a weak since the Two-Fisted Archaeologist gets no other Whip based Shticks. But a few of the gun Shticks do not specify a gun attack so does that mean that attack could be made with the whip (thus making the Shtick a tad less silly?). I was specifically thinking Disarming Shot as disarming someone with a whip makes action movie sense. Thought?

I don't think the schtick is weak but yes I would allow a TFA to buy a 'disarming shot-equivalent' schtick for his/her whip. I'd also note that Click-click Toss seems custom-made for this archetype; take a big revolver in one hand and whip in another. When the gun runs out, throw it and get +5/+8/+11 on their next whip attack.