White Wolves of Tremere

I just got the joke re: the White Wolves of Tremere (HOH:TL). I think it's pretty dang funny.

Did you know that White Wolf gets its name from Elric of Melibone? They got the rights to repring Elric and named themselves after him (Weird of the White Wolf).
Or that's what Pastor Cliff claims anyway.
Yes, I know gaming clergy :smiley:

..........oooooooooh, now I get it.

Sir, you just passed the Initiation of the Obscure Gaming Reference. You gain the Major Mystery Virtue Accomplished Gamer.

I am both humbled and honored, sir. (turns self into a dove and flies toward the sun.)


I would note that the White Wolf is mentioned in ArM2 in the bestiary as a profoundly magical animal. 8)

Also, the wolf stuff would have turned up on its own. Wolves are just cool as a sort of House totem. and it gives you werewolves and nightwalkers. That the Dacians thought they were cool too and used them for war banners was just gravy.

ooooh sshit... How stupid I can be... :unamused: