Whither the Sphinx?

I once saw the stats for a sphinx in one the AR5E books but I cannot remember where. If you could tell me which book its in, that would be very appreciated :confused: .

The Father of Dread is found in Lands of the Nile p.28. Is it what you are looking for?


Nope, unfortunately not.

Something viewed on this forum : Vares' Familiar by Arawn ?


MB (2nd Ed) pp.52-53
MBRE (4th Ed) pp.112-113

It's not in any of the Realms of Power books or in The Sundered Eagle, where you might expect the Sphinx to appear. Between Sand and Sea refers to sphinx monkeys, not the legendary creature. I'm not sure there is one in the 5th edition books but I will check a copy of Lands of the Nile later (the one other place I might expect a sphinx to appear).

Gryfons were done for legend of hermes, but I do not remember sphynx anywhere. I would gladly read the reference too.

Has the Phoenix ever been written up for the game?

The cradle & the crescent p106 describes the Anqa, saying The Arabian Phoenix, or Anqa, is very similar to the rukh detailed in chapter 9. Confusingly, in chapter 9 the bird's name is spelt Ruq but a magical bird is on p176-7.

Alternatively use a Heron of Light from Rival Magic p118 - they are magical birds that follow the Bennu, a phoenix-like bird.

Thanks guys, but a fellow magus told me it was in Through the Aegis book, in the Diednya Covenant write up.

Yes, p. 89