Who do I need to bribe to become a Master?

What are the criteria for the different ranks, like Master or Journeyman? I can't seem to find this information anywhere.


It's based entirely on number of posts ...

Novice 0
Apprentice 50
Journeyman 100
Master 250
Grand Master 500

Also, there are the Atlas Staff and Site Admin ranks, which I dole out at my whim.

If anybody gets to 500 and wants me to add higher ranks, let me know ... I'd be happy to take suggestions on what they should be called, too. :slight_smile:


Well, I'm nearly a Master, not long now....
Of course, now I have to aim for that coveted Grand Master title...

As for suggestions, well, technically the templar Grand Masters answered to the pope, right? :wink:

Now that any old Ex Miscellanea Hedge Wizard can become a Grand Master ,
it may be time to consider titles like :

Edited to remove the naughty bits.

Grin Nice, but I'm not sure some of those would fit in the left column. :wink:

Alas, Grand Master TyrrEll and myself being on a frantic race towards one thousand ( :open_mouth: ) I wonder what will be in store for us?

Will we pass into Final Twilight? And if so what will our fate be (except learning that Criamon was wrong :stuck_out_tongue: ) ? Will we become mindless bots? Destined to roam the internet posting rambling no uninlighted can phatom?

Ohh, Gods of the Olympos - send us a soothsayer to give us a sign of your benevolence!


So ... I just installed a little surprise for you. 1000 now gives a new rank, but I've decided that I'm not telling what it is. Someone has to hit it to find out. "grin* At first I was thinking of putting up a joke title ... like "archtwink of twinkytown" ... but in the end I went for straight up grandiose flattery. Have fun figuring it out!

Probably a good idea not to encourage any Twinkness on the Fora. :wink:

In online text-based role-playing games such as MUDs and MU*s, twinking may include, but is not limited to:

Denial-of-service or "DoS" attacks;
Hacking the server;
Creating an invincible or extremely powerful character with which the twink will seek to dominate in role-play;
Aggravating and attacking the game administration and/or game community;
Metagaming - for example, creating a character which will guess plot-points that they would not otherwise know had the player themselves not known it


What a teaser - but I like it! :smiley:

I have a couple of guesses, but I think I'll just keep them to myself... Now, lets see if anyone will pick up the mantle and make a pass at it!

I am tempted to just make a separate thread and do about 300 posts so i can be first. :stuck_out_tongue:

How decidedly Ex Miscellanean and non-Roman to not have the rigor and schooling to endure proper Hermetic training! :smiley:

I could always apply to move from Wales to a Covenant in Ã…rhus. :smiley:
Here is my application stone.

HeHe! Well done Ravenscroft!

A bit sad though, that your 'application stone' is in fact an eulogy! And dead men make for poor apprentices!

The stone reads something like this:
In old Norse: Þórulfr reisti stein þenna, heimþegi Sveins, eptir Eirík, félaga sinn, er varð dauðr, þá drengjar sátu um Heiðabý; en hann var stýrimaðr, drengr harða góðr.

In English: Thorulf, Swen's huscarl, erected this stone to Eric, his companion, who met with his death when warriors (drengjar) laid siege to Hethaby; and he was »stýrimaðr« (i.e. commander of a longship for war), a very highborn »drengjar«.

I am impressed however that the stone you found is in fact Danish, though not from my town(!), but I see that the website from which you took the picture is done by someone in fact from my town - and probably even someone I might have met (I work at a local international viking moot in July)!

But beside the kind words in your eulogy it wouldn't work anyway. Your Wales is New South Wales - and since Australia doesn't exist in the Mythic Europe paradigm (there I said it!) nor do you! And I really can't go around wasting my time training dead or non-existent apprentices! :laughing: :laughing:

Considering my complete lack of skill in any foreign language ,
finding something in Danish was lucky then.
But i did do a Google Image Search on Ã…rhus.

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