Who is who?

This is a draft version. Tell me if you feel I have misrepresented your character.

Bearlord plays
Menatia ex Tytalus, a hot Gentle Gifted social maga with a French accent, whose Archilles heel is her fear of nudity, which was caused by her abusive parens.

Arthur plays
Animus Tremeris, a French-speaking magus from the Vosges, mystically attuned to wind and driven by the desire to serve his House.

Callen plays
Adele ex Verditius, a very ambitious German Jeweller maga with impressive Rego capabilities who is called a slut by other women (behind her back, of course).

Kareruren plays
Eduardo Rana, a good-looking extremely overconfident Spanish Flambeau from the school of Apromor, who has made his share of enemies.

Bitter plays
Hildegarde ex Flambeau, a French speaking maga whose wood nymph blood color her magic and her relations to fairies.