The wiki for the game is here:
anyone who wishes to be added for editing purposes please drop a note here. Keep in mind this is my first time hosting a wiki, so some patience may be required...

Please add "darkwingthemage" to the edit list so I can add characters.

(and I need to remember to add "themage" when trying to log in, and remember the password sigh)

invitation sent, accept it and you will be added

Cannonball is my username on the wiki!

invitation sent

My account name seems to be HWSoD2, so if I could be added that would be great!

Mine is "quite possibly a cat", just like my forum name.

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I'm callen1973.

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username is crawfs

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Please add me to the wiki kingjawa

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Please add me to the wiki, IgnesFestivus.


Invite Hroppa please.


Hi silveroak, I'd like to put in order the magi in the people page of the wiki, moving the retired characters in a dedicated section. Can I do it or do you prefer to left things as they are?

You can do that.